Are Cell Phones Cancer-Stimulating?

Whether and to what extent mobile radio radiation affects human health has been discussed for many years. Now a comprehensive US government study in rats is to prove that there is a connection between radiation and two types of tumor. But is this result also applicable to people?

Conflicting Studies Trigger Uncertainty

The debate about an increased cancer risk due to increased cell phone radiation was again aroused by a US study, which was carefully carried out according to its own data. The US government has commissioned researchers from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences to investigate more closely the impact of cell phone radiation on the living organism.

Whether these frequencies could cause cancer in humans is repeatedly debated and led to an all-embracing investigation with a total of 2500 rats and mice. So far, there have been various studies dealing with the effects of radiation on the human body. Their results were clear: cell phone radiation is largely harmless. The new study, on the other hand, promotes results that could contradict this.

9 Hours A Day…

… the test animals were subjected to a radiation frequency that is very close to that of mobile phones and smartphone cases via That is, they were irradiated at 10-minute intervals with the radio frequencies-two years. It turned out that there is obviously a connection between radiation and two types of tumor. Susceptible parts of the body were therefore the brain and the heart of the animals.

At the same time, there was an increased tumor risk in male animals. Two to three per cent of a hundred male rodents formed a brain tumor during this period, while two to seven per cent were tumors on the heart. Female animals were less affected on average. Here the figures were only one to two percent. The physicians assume that female rodents are generally less susceptible to cancer.What do these results mean for us?

Studies In Humans Tend To Be Difficult And Inaccurate

So far it is not clear to what extent this quite terrifying conclusion can be transferred to humans.The error rate is much higher in studies on the human subject, since physicians have less control over the course, as the experts explained. There were cautious approaches to the extent that researchers asked brain tumor patients to recapitulate the frequency of their manual use, but the results were hardly relevant here. The data is difficult to take seriously and compare, since few people can remember when and how often they had used their mobile phone in recent years. In addition, other external factors must also be considered.

In order to obtain a tangible result, people like rodents should be tested in a closed laboratory over a longer period of time. What is reminiscent of a creepy blockbuster and perhaps sarcastically welcomed by animal welfare experts is, fortunately, not an option.

Radiographer Warns Of Panic

The expert Elisabeth Cardis of the Center for Research in Environmental Epidemiology (CREAL) from Barcelona had already investigated the effects of radiation on tumors in 2011. She had noted a slight link between two types of cancer and excessive manual use. The results are broadly in line with the study by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. Since Candis’s findings have been available, the WHO says that mobile phones and smartphones are considered a “potential stage 2Bcarcinogen”.

In order to take the whole thing for the time being, however, the sharpness: In the same area fall certain, inserted vegetable varieties and coffee. All in all, the number of cases was very low, especially since Candis’ research results were based solely on interviews. The radiation researcher himself warns against unnecessary panic – especially since in May in a study published in the journal “Cancer Epidemiology” on the topic of hand-held and cancerous cancer.

Conclusion: Those who continue to drink coffee without feeling guilty and eat vegetables, and not worry about his cell phone needs at home for the time being to make.