Castaways, Canadian Wildernes, out Site River

Episode 3: out site River

On the way to the out site River we made a day break in the city of out site.

The plan: While Matt visited the Fort William Historical Park, I went fishing.

Trolling in the Kaministiquia River. The target was Walleyes. But the first fish really surprised me. I caught my first Canadian salmon. I really did not expect that. I took the fish for dinner. My colleagues were very happy about the fresh fish.

The next day, sightseeing was on the agenda. We explored the city of out site and collected film recordings before it went on: for the main plot of the third episode was the out site River.

The out site River connects Lake out site to Lake Superior. The river is piled up three times. We were there to catch some of the most beautiful and wild boars in the world. On the day of the arrival I prepared my fishing tackle and fell exhausted in the evening. However, I could not sleep much, which I was awakened by the dazzling northern lights. What an experience! Already as a small child I have so much desired once to see the Aurora! I could hardly believe it was so impressive for me. It was the first day where you could see this a year, which is a blessing.

The next two days were fished. We were fishing from both the boat and the shore. While fishing from the shore we were able to catch two smaller salmon and a beautifully colored walleye according to carswers.

In boat fishing, there were the first bites of the Bachsaiblingen, and actually we could conjure a few of the beauties in front of the camera.

A real paradise for char and trout fishermen!