DK SEG DVR Failure Displays CCTV Video

Personal talk let’s discuss another subject that is well commented in other CCTV Forum and by technicians and professionals in the area of ​​electronic security, which is when the DVR does not display image and apparently everything is okay with the device let’s comment so it happens.

DK SEG DVR Failure Displays CCTV Video

DK SEC DVR Failure Does Not Display CCTV Video

This may happen with some DVRs indifferent to the manufacturer’s brand for the following reason .:

– Monitor resolution or video output with image resolution mismatch.

DK SEG DVR Failure Displays CCTV Video 1

-Turn the monitor on the HDMI input without knowing what the functionality of the equipment “main video output” is

– ESC function of the equipment was not used correctly and etc.

So to avoid these types of problems, what we must do before reproducing the image on the main monitor or the final installation of the monitors of the equipment we have to configure it for the first time, with a monitor with resolution compatible with that of the DVR equipment specified by manufacturer.

DK SEG DVR Failure Displays CCTV Video 2

If you do not have a monitor with the optimal resolution try to use the audio and video output that we know the resolution is low to configure the image quality that the DVR will work.

If the problem is not one-by-one testing the video outputs of the equipment, HDMI, SPOT and audio and video, do so in order to use one output at a time instead of all at the same time.

DK SEG DVR Failure Displays CCTV Video 3