Znak, Templated Wall Stickers

The wallpaper to returned to the walls of our houses, but with different options to the of years ago, on the one hand is the wall a single wall or a strip of some of them, on the other hand is the possibility of buying wallpaper by pieces and make a custom composition, that is the proposal of Znak.

The idea is that I buy pieces of self-adhesive wallpaper, the firm has them for several different ways, but I have chosen for the photos the triangles, It’s something very simple, equilateral triangles of various colors, but as as we go by placing them we can get very different results, the triangles are accompanied with a template that allows you to place them so are equally spaced ones relation to others.

Up to a child can do it, you just have to fix the template on the wall before gluing the triangle, so that your position is correct, we think before you start which area of the wall we want to fill more than triangles or how we want to be the composition, or go by placing and go see as on the fly in a more improvised way.

The advantage of this is mainly to be us who put the pieces of colored paper, the room will be different from other houses even if they bought the same product, many times we find that something becomes fashionable and at the end all the houses it is equal, here the placement is customized, difficult is that there is a wall that is exactly equal to another.

The icons Sticker System, which have already seen here and here in Applesfera, they are a great set of icons. I’ve seen some very similar icons and wallpapers, made by a French company called e-glue at Iconfactory. This company is dedicated to the manufacture of posters for decoration, so if you like these icons, maybe you want to go a step further and redecorate any room in your home.

The icons and wallpapers are free and you can download them here.