Definitions of Hail Mary

April 26, 2019 topbbacolleges 0

Hail Mary is a traditional Catholic prayer dedicated to Mary as the mother of Jesus. The prayer is based on the Gospel according to Saint Luke. In Latin, ‘ave‘ was used by the […]

Definitions of Aversion

April 16, 2019 topbbacolleges 0

Aversion is a rejection or disgust towards something to someone. It comes from the Latin aversĭo, -ōnis. Some synonyms for the word ‘dislike’ are: disgust, dislike, mania, tyranny, animosity and repulsion. When you […]

Definitions of Avidity

April 6, 2019 topbbacolleges 0

Avidity is eagerness or greed to achieve the objectives. The word avidity is made up of the suffix “ez” which in Latin equals “ities” over the adjective “avid ” and, in […]