Ada County, Idaho

Ada County, Idaho

Ada County, Idaho is a vibrant and growing community that encompasses 1,052 square miles of land in southwestern Idaho. Located in the Treasure Valley, Ada County is home to a diverse population of over 460,000 people. The county seat, Boise City, is the state’s capital and largest city.

Ada County is known for its natural beauty and recreational opportunities. The Boise River winds its way through the county providing endless opportunities for fishing, kayaking, canoeing and tubing. There are many parks and trails in the area for hiking and biking. Bogus Basin Ski Resort offers skiing and snowboarding during the winter months.

The economy of Ada County is strong and diverse with a variety of industries including agriculture, manufacturing, technology companies, healthcare providers and government agencies. Many businesses have chosen to locate in Ada County due to its excellent infrastructure as well as access to major highways such as I-84 and US Highway 20/26.

Education is highly valued in Ada County with a wide variety of public school offerings from elementary schools through high schools as well as several private schools. Boise State University provides higher education options to students from around the world who come to study at this research university located in downtown Boise City. There are also community colleges located throughout the county offering two-year degrees or certifications in various fields such as nursing or automotive technology.

Healthcare is readily available throughout Ada County with multiple hospitals providing emergency care along with outpatient services such as physical therapy or diagnostic testing centers located throughout the county. In addition there are many specialized medical practices providing care for specific medical needs ranging from oncology to orthopedics to psychiatry services available throughout the county.

Ada County prides itself on having an active arts community with several theaters offering plays or musicals year round along with numerous museums featuring local artists work or traveling exhibitions from around the world. Music venues offer live entertainment ranging from jazz bands to classical orchestras while galleries feature artwork from local artists or those visiting this region of Idaho for an exhibit showcasing their work.

With so much natural beauty surrounding it coupled with a vibrant economy that supports businesses large and small alike this makes Ada County an ideal place for residents looking for employment opportunities while enjoying all that living here has to offer both indoors and out! From recreational activities like hiking or skiing in one of its many parks or trails followed by exploring all that downtown Boise City has to offer there’s something here for everyone.

History of Ada County, Idaho

Ada County, Idaho is located in the southwestern region of the state and encompasses an area of 1,060 square miles. It is one of 44 counties in Idaho and is home to over 455,000 people. The county was established in 1864 and named after Ada Riggs, the daughter of an early settler.

The earliest inhabitants of Ada County were Native Americans belonging to the Shoshone-Bannock Tribe. They lived off the land by hunting, fishing and gathering wild plants. In 1805, Lewis and Clark passed through Ada County on their famous expedition to explore the Louisiana Purchase. Later that year a group of fur trappers led by Donald Mackenzie arrived in what is now known as Boise Valley.

The first permanent settlers arrived in 1863 when a group led by William Thompson established a trading post near present-day Boise City. Thompson’s settlement was soon joined by other pioneers who began establishing farms and ranches throughout the area. The following year Ada County was officially formed from parts of Owyhee County and Washington Territory (now known as Washington State).

In 1864, gold was discovered in nearby Owyhee County which brought an influx of miners to Ada County looking for new opportunities. This led to rapid growth in Boise City which soon became a major center for trade and commerce in the region. As more settlers moved into the area they began establishing churches, schools, businesses and government institutions such as courts and law enforcement agencies.

The early 1900s saw tremendous growth for Ada County with new roads being built throughout the region connecting it with other parts of Idaho as well as neighboring states like Oregon and Nevada. During this period many new towns were also founded such as Eagle, Meridian and Kuna which remain important population centers today.

During World War II, many military bases were built throughout Ada County including Gowen Field which served as an important training center for bomber pilots during the war effort. Following World War II many veterans chose to settle down in Ada County thanks to its mild climate and beautiful scenery making it one of Idaho’s most populous counties today.

Today, Ada County remains an important economic hub for Idaho with its capital city Boise serving as a major business center for technology companies such as Micron Technology Inc., HP Inc., Healthwise Inc., Bodybuilding Inc., Scentsy Inc., Clearwater Analytics Inc., Nampa National Bank & Trust Company, Albertsons Companies LLC among others . Additionally it’s home to numerous cultural attractions such as Zoo Boise, Discovery Center Of Idaho And Old Penitentiary State Park among others making it a great place to live or visit anytime.

Ada County, Idaho