Aleutians East Borough, Alaska

Aleutians East Borough, Alaska

Aleutians East Borough is a borough located in south-western Alaska, in the United States of America. It is part of the Aleutian Chain, which stretches from Alaska’s mainland to the easternmost tip of the Aleutian Islands. The borough consists of several small islands and two distinct areas, Unalaska and Akutan. It has a total area of 5,841 square miles, making it one of the largest boroughs in Alaska by area. See list of counties in Alaska.

The Aleutians East Borough was formed on December 8th, 1986 from parts of the former Unorganized Borough and Dillingham Census Area. This new borough was created to provide local government services for its citizens in areas such as health care and education. The population is estimated at around 6,500 people as of 2020, with most people living on Unalaska Island and Akutan Island.

The climate in Aleutians East Borough is generally milder than other parts of Alaska due to its location near the Pacific Ocean. Temperatures rarely drop below freezing and snowfall is limited to a few months out of the year. Winters are usually rainy but mild while summers tend to be sunny and dry.

The main industry in Aleutians East Borough is fishing, with many residents employed by commercial fishing companies or processing plants located on Unalaska Island or Akutan Island. There are also some tourism opportunities available such as whale watching tours or hiking trips through uninhabited islands nearby.

Aleutian culture plays an important role in life here too; many residents still practice traditional subsistence activities such as hunting sea mammals or gathering wild plants for food or medicine. There are also many cultural events that take place throughout the year including traditional dances and storytelling sessions which help keep alive this unique culture that has been around for centuries before European contact with Alaska began.

The main transportation hub for Aleutians East Borough is located on Unalaska Island where there are daily flights into Anchorage International Airport as well as ferry services connecting all major islands within the borough to each other and to Anchorage itself if needed. There are also some roads connecting various villages within the borough but these can be difficult to traverse due to their remote location so air travel is often preferred for longer journeys between settlements here.

Overall, Aleutians East Borough provides a unique opportunity for those looking to experience true Alaskan life away from larger cities like Anchorage or Fairbanks while still having access to modern amenities when needed via air travel or ferry services between islands here within this vast archipelago off Alaska’s southern coast.

History of Aleutians East Borough, Alaska

The Aleutians East Borough, located in Alaska, is a borough that was established in 1988. It consists of the eastern half of the Aleutian Islands, as well as the Pribilof Islands and St. Lawrence Island. The area has a rich and long history that dates back to the 17th century when Russian fur traders first arrived in the area.

The first permanent settlement in the area was established on Unalaska Island in 1759 by Russian fur traders who were looking for sea otter pelts to trade with China. This settlement later became known as Dutch Harbor and remains an important port city today. By this time, there were already many Aleut people living on these islands and they had been there for centuries before Europeans arrived. Many of these Aleuts were forcibly relocated to mainland Alaska during World War II, when Japanese forces invaded and occupied some of the islands for several months.

After World War II ended, many of the Aleuts returned to their native islands and began rebuilding their communities. In 1959, Congress passed the Alaska Statehood Act which allowed Alaska to become a state and allowed it to create boroughs within its borders. As part of this act, Congress established what would become known as the Aleutians East Borough in 1985 after residents voted overwhelmingly for its formation in an election held that same year.

Since then, the borough has grown steadily and today is home to over 6500 people spread out among 13 communities along its coastline from Unalaska/Dutch Harbor all the way down to Sand Point on Popof Island at its southernmost point. The main industries are fishing, fish processing and tourism with Dutch Harbor being one of busiest commercial fishing ports in North America.

The borough also boasts some impressive natural attractions including numerous volcanoes such as Mount Shishaldin on Unimak Island which is one of only two active volcanoes located within US territory (the other being Mount Kilauea on Hawaii’s Big Island). There are also numerous wildlife preserves located throughout the borough which protect species such as bald eagles, sea lions, seals and whales from disruption due to human activities like fishing or hunting – making it a great destination for nature lovers from all around world who come here each year hoping to catch a glimpse at some rare species native only to this region.

Today, life in this region continues much like it has for centuries past with many locals relying heavily on subsistence activities such as hunting or fishing for sustenance while others work jobs related directly or indirectly with either commercial fishing or tourism industries which keep these isolated communities connected with rest of world outside their own isolated corner of Alaska’s vast wilderness.

Aleutians East Borough, Alaska