Alhva Backpack for Camera Gear

The Backpack Prisma Pro is extremely versatile, adopted by photographers and cameramen, has an ergonomic concept for photographic and backpacks for carriage of sensitive cargo. Made with malleable shapes she adapts to the contours of the body while at the same time protects the equipment taken into your interior.Moreover, it has side compartments that provide intelligent anatomic and great use of internal spaces.

Learn More about the Prism Concept:

The great challenge of this project was to create a professional looking bag entirely in disguise and that suited both for urban use and for use in outdoor activities and adventure. That offers protection against rain, against casual impacts for your sensitive equipment inside and still meet the ergonomic aspects to soften the discomforts that are generated by the transport of the equipment that can weigh from 1.5 kg to 8 kg and that are often uploaded by up to 8:00 in a day’s work. In addition, the bottom of the backpack could not give in before the cargo to be transported, preserving in this way, not only the plot of deep tissue as well as the longevity of the product and the beauty of the piece. The design and opening of the Prisma Pro should allow her to be extremely practical yet even in unexpected situations, with accessibility to the interior without your need to get her shoulders to rest her somewhere, simply transfer your position of the back to the front of the body in an agile and easy. In addition, when you propose that someone take a notebook pasted the back for hours and hours you’re proposing that the user put a piece completely straight in touch with a curvaceous body part.

Anatomical Side:

To resolve these challenges the backpacks of this collection were prepared with a convex side, with the ends of the handles a bit more elongated than the other bags, so that we could get a line of comfort with the desired efficiency. In this way the side the play conforms with the lines of the body and still divides the weight of the load between the dorsal and lumbar region for their support of barrigueira. In this cargo transport system was also incorporated into the backpack a built-in support to receive the antichuva case and the notebook, a kind of basket or bag and suspended, arrested directly on top of the handles from where two straps which make the control ofheight and weight of the notebook, working like an elevator with direct adjustment on the handles of force and not to the lumbar region of the body and not the bottom of the bag.
To the side of the piece were incorporated into the handles to receive the pair of barrigueiras and they were designed with straps for extra accessories such as door-lenses, or mobile holder, allowing more equipment to be transported with load distribution of the formmore balanced on the waist.

Modular Backpack with Friendly Cases

Respecting the idea of conscious consumption our project also proposes a modular concept for backpacks from sportingology, where you can customize the piece according to the need of use. Cases for notebook and photographic equipment are fully detachable and other accessories, such as barrigueira, can be purchased separately, in addition, you can adjust the Prism system cases the numerous models of bags on the market.