Analyst: Apple Could Be Behind the Next Generation Headphones

With the alleged purchase by Beats Electronics can be hear phones with direct streaming on the way from Apple.

We told recently on the mobile site that Apple might buy Beats Electronics. Relatively shortly after a video revealed by the company’s “mascot” Dr. Dre, that Beats sales as good as confirmed.

It gets now co-founder of speaker company Soundfreaq, to speculate on whether Apple might be behind the next generation of earphones. He believes that there is a new “push” trend on the way, so headphones so can stream music directly without necessary needs for your phone, mp3 player or computer. It writes the Cult Of Mac. 

When the user does not need to “pull” (pulling) the music down directly from another device, then there is necessarily nor need the same complex interface, which we know from-interface. Especially because the user may want to let the music mix automatically after preferences.

“We see both that the hardware can push (stream) and pull (draw),” Paprocki tells. ” Headphones will work with your iPhone-or independently of each other. It makes enormous good sense. The development will still go down that path. We believe that this is the way most people will find naturally, when it comes to listen and enjoy the music, and Apple would be a good company to pull the forces together “.
It is actually not completely unthinkable. The other day we found out that Apple’s EarPods with blood pressure monitor is a lie, but we also know that Apple has the patent to make hearing phones smarter.iwatch rumors have recently pointed out in the direction of special collaboration with Nike, so why couldn’t a portable gadget (wearable) to lyttelapperne not be on the road, as cooperation with a manufacturer as Beats?

So far we have no official udmeldelser from Apple about acquired by Beats, but I wonder if we hear one of the days that Apple has bought out the company and will not comment on the plans?

What do you mean readers. Could there be a headphones-wearable on the way from Apple and would be interested in?



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