Appears The First Officer of The 4 Nexus Accessory: a Side Cover

While all expect impatient new products from Google, who already walk with some delay to the more desperate, and after seeing the landing of Google Play Music and Google in Spain music store. Google starts to loose garment with the Nexus 4: as it has released the first official phone accessory.

It’s a side cover, which leaves bare the dazzling glass back of the Nexus 4. In terms of features, few are that gives Google, that will increase the weight of this new Nexus in 20 grams.

Available currently only in black color and with dimensions of 133.9 x 68.7 x 9.1 mm, this Google case may be requested with the same device – once this is find available today – for an additional charge of 19.99 EUR.

As we see, it’s a case with a fairly rigid appearance and various, which will allow us to look to maximize our terminal without letting it completely unprotected.

With this we see the beginning of a point that Google must be very strong, and we are waiting for other accessories -as the ones we saw in the Galaxy Nexus: docks and stands for car – for this device and the Nexus 10, which would not come you not bad a decent cover and a dock with keyboard. And to you, do you like?