ASUS Zenpad S 8.0: Android-5.0-Tablet in the Final Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

Great processing, brilliant display, high pace of work and a supple ease of draw out the ASUS Zenpad S. It’s a pity that very short battery life and not very complete facilities verhagelten the practical tablet of a better grade. Best price on the Internet: 235,41 euro * per display with sharp and crisp image playback order this product on Amazon light and compact construction tidy Android 5.0 pin supplied contra maximum brightness to low short battery life lacks Wi-Fi ac and NFC Testrating editorial 2.95 satisfying user rating now write a significantly larger than a Smartphone, handier than a 10-inch Tablet: ASUS brings a chic and practical 8-inch tablet with Android 5.0 on the market with the zenpad S 8.0. In the final test, surprised the zenpad with nice extras, but made himself a big goof. It may be Apple’s ipad mini 3 still hold a candle?

Noble design, lightweight construction

With a construction height of only 6.6 millimeters and a weight of 284 grams, the ASUS zenpad S 8.0 to the thinnest and lightest tablets at all ranks. Also it looks like not only precious, it feels like. Processing is top, the device is very comfortable in the hand’s ipad mini is 3 to nothing after.

ASUS zenpad S 8.0: product photos and screenshots

22 product photos and screenshots ASUS zenpad S see 8.0

Brilliant display

And the display is a stunner: it shows movies, photos and websites with 2048 x 1536 pixels very sharp and with natural colors. The image resolution corresponds exactly to which the retina display of the ipad mini 3, the image quality was moving in the test at the level of the Apple tablet. Hook: The brightness is too low for use in outdoor with maximum 294 candela per sold. Chic: The display is in landscape mode up and down almost to the case of the edge just 4.9 mm is strong.

Intel processor powered

The Intel Atom CPU Z3580 ensures the drive in the zenpad 8.0. This processor is already dusted at, the launch of the Silvermont calculator was already in the second quarter of 2014. What does not mean that it is a copy of lame. The zenpad works very smart even if that many debilitating apps and games were open in the test. Not least located on the with just 4 gigabytes for a Tablet unusually large sized memory.

Battery life very close

Processor and Display but not particularly use Energy sparingly: In the Test, the Lights went out with heavy Use after 6 Hours and 44 Minutes, with low Usage were 18 Hours and 40 Minutes in there.

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Friendly and not wanted Android 5.0

The operating system is unusual: the zenpad works with Android a very nicely decorated and uncluttered version 5.0 (surface Zen UI). Because instead of the users to present hundreds of apps on two, three, four screens, Asus has taken the trouble and to combine nearly all apps thematically meaningful into own folders. Examples: Customers, see photo among the Gallery, the camera app and photo collage, under Tools, however, the apps settings, recorder, file manager, or the Setup Wizard.

Gesture control zenmotion

The built-in gesture control zenmotion is also useful. Because instead of looking for the right app, let an on-screen paint themselves characters per finger to start the desired program. Examples: Draw users about a C on the home screen and automatically starts the camera app with an E, the mail app can start ever after users have seen before which gestures character to start the desired application.

The fastest Tablet

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Pen in the package

Is not uncommon, but rarely, the fact that a pen for the simpler operation is the zenpad. That’s 3 Pro but no intense pressure specimen as about on the surface, but after all, weights can be set by simply pressing a button. The test could save so that drawings and notes easily customize on request directly to a cloud.

100 gigabyte Google drive storage

For example in Google drive ASUS S bought the zenpad even 100 gigabytes free. Hook: Just for two years. Then, customers must pay (1.99 US dollars per month) or bring 85 gigabytes of data in security. Because Google drive gives users only 15 gigabytes of memory free.

Memory to 128 gigabytes of expandable

Free, however, is the built-in memory: the test pattern offers 64 GB for apps, photos, videos and music, but only around 54 gigabytes are actually available. The operating system and preloaded apps show the difference. The built-in memory is too small, can extend but it via microsd card up to 128 gigabytes.

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USB interface C

For the connection to the PC or to charge the battery, the ASUS Tablet has a USB interface C. Advantage over a micro-USB connector: it offers a higher transfer speed and has no special top and bottom no matter which the above shows two flat sides after, he fits in the socket. This USB-C removes one of the most annoying connection properties.

Only Wi-Fi n, NFC is missing

A pity that the integrated Wi-Fi technology not on the amount of time is: the zenpad is old n standard system in the network, fast ac standard is missing. For the coupling of the appropriate speakers, Bluetooth is fitness bracelets and smartphones in their current version 4 available, NFC has (even) easier connection the zenpad but don’t.