Basic Casual and Signature for This Summer, 2011 (II)

We continue with the review of the Basic more indispensable for this gourmet Summer 2011 that is just around the corner, and is that to make a good summer suitcase is necessary to be with combinable items and adaptable to the needs that may arise from nothing when we are enjoying our well deserved leisure time and rest.

With this second installment ended the special of the ‘ basic casual and signature ‘, but soon you will have a second installment with much more smart clothes or dress, because holiday nor forget the label.

Polo Piqué

We started the second part of the summer with a garment so iconic as required special, and it is that the pique Polo He started being a garment used for sports such as tennis or golf has become our day in a casual but with a point very posh, completely appropriate for wear with a simple pair of jeans and the same correct way to dress him up with a Bermuda or Chinese jeans coat elementary.

This I propose is a Classic House Polo by Ralph Lauren, having two different finishes, the first simple and with traditional cutting and the second with a double bass, created from a superposition. You have them in a myriad of colors, although I you have chosen one turquoise, one-tone star of this season and in a Red Raspberry that with a tanning light it feels great to anyone. You can get one for about €80.

Basic marine

East the must have key of the navy-style, a garment to create your air outfits more seaworthy, obviating the typical white background and dark blue horizontal stripes I propose this in tone light blue and white stripes. This made of cotton 100% and look it perfect with shorts to play in a white broken or crude. Get one of the hand of the House A.P.C €55.

Denim shirt

Texas tissue is another heavy weights of the casual style par excellence, is of Levis Vintage It is one of those garments that lasts for a lifetime, so invest in it are all benefits. Made of denim with high quality and resistance at the same time that in a very light fibre mixture, which makes it ideal in summer. Combine it with a tank top White and some strappy sandals, you’ll look perfect. Your price close to €170.

Cotton shorts

The House J Crew offers us for this summer season these short shorts or shorts, ideal to wear with bare bass. It has a regular cut and classic shooting and the leg has a straight cut, so it will adapt to almost all types of pieran. Choose your favorite among the variety of tonal, although this year can not pass without some in sky blue o intense purple. Its price almost €70.

Metal-rimmed Sun glasses

We ended up with a luxury item, that will wear your look and give you a touch of distinction and elegance. The firm Linda Farrow specialized in sunglasses inside offers is its line of luxe this model of metal frame in gold, with crystals of trapezoidal format in very dark almost black brown tone. Label and finishes a presentation in a box’s skin the most sophisticated for glasses of dreams. You can get them for around € 540.