Confirms The GT-i9500 According to SamMobile, Do Tizen Finally in Sight?

While rumors regarding the successor of the Galaxy SIII are not decided by a certain date, returns the GT-i9500 -which already is had appeared in the form of prototype Tizen – to be confirmed according to SamMobile.

According to these, considered two possibilities, might be both the presentation as smartphone Tizen or a change of name in this to end up being a device under the Android operating system, so it might be at the end of the Galaxy SIV.

If this last possibility were true, it would happen long by the i9400 until the i9500, as already done with the i9200 Galaxy SII from to the current Galaxy SIII. This could be so since 4 is a number of bad luck in Korea, although it seems rather to my look for explanations where there.

In addition to the GT-i9500 appears i9505, which indicates that it is of a high-end device, This numbering is that commonly used Samsung in its variants with integrated LTE connectivity.

Few data are still, but since SamMobile dare to affirm that this likely high-end device is already in phase of testing by the Korean manufacturer. This means that we could have the first device with Tizen very close or that it is about a change of course and that is a do Galaxy SIV? Time will tell what.