Creative in Whatsapp: Fashion and Paint with Z-Type for Chats

You want to send a photo to a friend and want to incorporate a personal or humorous touch? Or would you draw a picture on your phone, which you then distribute to your contacts? Create images for free and without any previous knowledge in whatsapp with Z-type for chats. Currently the app only for Android devices is available. The app requires an Android operating system version 2.1 or higher.
Download: download Z-Type for Chats for Android

Pictures in Messenger

The app on your Smartphone is installed, select the program directly or open Z-type in whatsapp. The kind of the option Z whatsapp in the attachments of the messengers, see pictures. Click the icon that opens the program in whatsapp. If the image is ready, send it simply as a conventional image to your contacts.

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So easily edit images

As background of your image can be used a photo that you open from your gallery or any colored surface. Different pens, icons, comics and text modules are available, to romp up the pictures creative. A small Penguin to decorate the last holiday photo? Or you wanted to give your living room ever you send equipment at least on a photo? No problem, choose the desired object from the icon and comic Gallery, customize the size and align it. Your individual image to send to friends and acquaintances is ready.

Z-art in the practice test: simple, but with some quirks

Z-art is self-explanatory and the use is very intuitive for newcomers to drawing program. The results can take a look, even if they are no competition for professional image editing programs such as Photoshop. Occasionally, the program is slow and continuous advertising between almost every processing step Z-art sometimes makes the ordeal. When you first install whatsapp Z-type has not recognized until after re-installing everything went flawlessly. You can open the app by whatsapp Alternatively outside, the program then saves the finished images in the Gallery, from which you can send the images via whatsapp then quite simply as usual. Who so easy creative wants to play, without much money and training time in professional programs to plug the wrong exactly with Z-type for chats despite minor blemishes.



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