Cufflinks: a Key Accessory for the Groom’s Look

The cufflinks for bride and groom are a subject of little talk, but essential for a full suit and full of style. learn how to use them to your advantage!

Much is said about color, material and trim from the groom suit . And not that this is wrong – on the contrary, it really is the main part of the whole production. Still, one must reserve a space to think about a very important accessory, which will finish off the look and most important of all: leave it with the face of who is going to climb to the altar, not a simple guest.

You know what we’re talking about? If you thought about the trend cufflinks, you got it right! It’s true that a lot of people never hear of these pieces until they look for their wedding dress, but trust in our experience: they make all the difference. Thinking about it, we talked to the tailor João Camargo, from the company Camargo Tailoring, and selected some golden tips to choose them.

What Is?

Considered a symbol of elegance and masculine sophistication, cufflinks are nothing more than cufflinks. That is: its practical utility is to hold the handle of a social shirt to keep it flawless. Usually used with the French handle, also known as double handle.

When Did It Arise?

Although it is a question of difficult and perhaps uncertain answer, many sources say that cufflinks appeared in the early sixteenth century (but calm, that does not mean they are outdated!). According to this theory, however, it was only in the following century – during the reign of the French Louis XIV, that they came to be used by most men.

Is Today?

Over time, the cords and ties were replaced by buttons ornamented with different materials, usually noble, giving rise to the accessory we know. However, according to Camargo Tailoring, currently, at most, silver is used. “In the old days, before the 80’s, there were no cufflinks that were not noble, made with a more sophisticated material, like gold. Unfortunately, by the entrance of prêt-à-porter, these riches in detail were disappearing”, explains João Camargo.

How To Choose Them?

Also according to the tailor, 99% of the cufflinks are bought ready and what varies is the color and the combination with other accessories, like the watch.”The tone of the suit and the personality of the client are also important factors,” he adds, without hiding that he prefers the personalized pieces according to the taste and history of each groom.

Among the marriages already published in the CI, one of them entered the hall of darlings of the Newsroom. Could! It is that Juliana and Wilson bet on a supermodern party and both the groom and his godparents used Star Wars cufflinks. Groom Lucas, who married Rafaella last year, adopted a similar idea and wore blue mini-kombis cufflinks, mimicking the life-size vehicle that drove his fiancee to the ceremony.