Definitions of Affliction


The Latin term afflictĭo came to our language as affliction.

Annoyance or suffering is the meaning of that Latin word, which was formed from the sum of various components such as these:
-The prefix “ad-“, which can be translated as “towards”.
-The noun “flictus”, which is synonymous with “blow”.
-The suffix “-cion”, which is used to indicate “action and effect”.

It is the consequence of grieving or grieving. This verb, for its part, refers to generating pain, whether moral or physical.

For example: “My neighbors’ affliction has always made me ill, so I decided to get involved in politics”, “In the moments of affliction, I cling to God to get ahead”, “The accused asked for forgiveness for the affliction that caused him the victim’s family. ”

Grief can be general or individual. Take the case of a national team of football which lost the final of a tournament with a goal that suffers in the last minute of the match. This defeat causes sadness in the majority of the inhabitants of that country, since soccer is a very important component of the national culture. In this way, it can be said that the sports defeat causes the affliction of the people. Of course, this grief cannot be compared to much more serious ones that involve people’s health or even life.

A man who has his car stolen, on the other hand, may experience grief stemming from the injustice he suffered. If a person struggles to buy a good and suddenly a criminal takes away their property, sadness is immediate. Such a situation can be even worse when the robbery is violent.

A physical affliction, on the other hand can be generated by a chronic condition or by some particular circumstance. A woman suffering from tendinitis may have a chronic affliction in the elbow area.

We cannot ignore the fact that within the cultural sphere the term we are addressing is also used. A good example of this is that “Affliction” is the title of a 1998 American film, which is directed by the filmmaker Paul Schrader, who was also in charge of carrying out his script.

It is based on a novel by writer Russell Banks and revolves around an old sheriff who will one day take on important research. A man has died in a hunting party and everyone believes it was an accident. However, he is clear that no, he is certain that he has been killed and will do everything in his power to discover the culprit.

Nick Nolte, Sissy Spacek, James Coburn or Willem Dafoe are some of the actors who lead the cast of this feature film, which is part of the police genre. The performances of many of them were highly praised. Hence, Coburn received the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor while his partner Nolte had to settle for a nomination for the aforementioned awards.