Definitions of Agent


An agent is one who has the virtue of acting, according to the definition provided by the dictionary. The term, which has its origin in the Latin word agens, can be used to name the person who acts with the power of another.

In this sense, the agent can be a representative who presents himself on behalf of his client. The people who manage the careers of athletes and artists and are in charge of negotiating their contracts are known as agents. For example: “The club has met with the agent of the Brazilian striker to define the amount of the operation”, “The singer’s agent announced the suspension of the concert tonight due to the artist’s health problems”, “The actor assured that he will never work with an agent as he prefers to define his career matters on his own. ”

In economics and finance, the agent is the one who has an office (agency) to provide certain services or to manage other people’s affairs. It is common for the agent, also known as a broker or broker, to be the intermediary between a seller and a buyer, charging a commission on each transaction. It is possible to speak of stockbroker, insurance agent, etc.

However, the existence of what is known as a commercial agent should not be overlooked either. This is a person who works for a company in question and who is dedicated to achieving the sale of certain products of that company by going directly to the businesses and establishments to which the aforementioned may be interested. When you manage to close sales in this sense, what you will do is collect through commissions.

For certain security forces (such as the police), an agent is an individual without graduation: “The thief was preparing to escape from the business when he was caught by an agent passing by the block”, “An agent observed me when crossing a traffic light in red and I was fined ”.

Likewise, in relation to the forces and security forces of a state, we should also emphasize that there are many other types of agents. In this way, we find, for example, the special agent, who is the one in charge of investigating in a very specific area of ​​the country to which he belongs.

But there is also the secret agent who is the one who exercises investigative functions covertly. That is to say, we could say that he is a spy who will basically be in charge of discovering plots and all kinds of secrets that can seriously endanger the integrity of any nation in very different points of view.

The field of cinema, television or literature have developed important stories around such characters, special agents and secrets. Among them we could highlight James Bond, better known as 007; Bourne, Super Agent 86, Charlie’s Angels, or the famous agents in the X-Files series: Mulder and Scully, who were dedicated to investigating cases involving beings from other planets.

In grammar, agent is the word or expression that designates the subject that performs the action of the verb.