Definitions of Almost


The adverb almost comes from the Latin word quasi and refers to what was narrowly missed or to what is approximate. For example: “The Chilean player almost scored a goal, but had no luck: his shot hit the post”, “We are almost at the hotel, be patient”, “I almost slipped because of the wet ground”.

Let’s go through the examples to understand what the term almost refers to. If someone mentions that a footballer “almost scored a goal,” it means that the athlete in question was close to scoring, but failed. To score a goal, the ball must cross the goal or goal line. The one that clarifies that travelers are “almost” arriving at a place, on the other hand, is referring to the fact that it remains to travel a small distance to arrive. Finally, a person who “almost” slipped may have been at risk of losing his balance, but eventually managed to remain standing.

To all the above, we can add the existence of a show that responds to the title of “Almost decent.” It is a work in the key of comedy that is in charge of Álex Salaberri and David Cepo and that has been represented by different cities in Spain.

Through humor is how the actors in this show allow the viewer to laugh at human miseries. In this way it is recommended for everyone but, above all, for people who are going through bad times because it will allow them to get a smile and be able to see life in a more positive way.

In the same way, we cannot ignore that Almost is also the diminutive that is used in a popular and affectionate way to refer to people who have certain names. Specifically, it is the hypocoristic of names such as Casimiro or Casilda, among others.

CASI is also the acronym that identifies the Club Atlético de San Isidro, an institution whose headquarters are in the town of San Isidro, in the province of Buenos Aires (Argentina). The CASI is famous for its rugby team, which won more than thirty titles in tournaments division first organized by the Union of Rugby of Buenos Aires (URBA). Among the rugby players that made up the CASI squad are Agustín Pichot and Santiago Phelan.

It should also be noted that there is an auction house in Ibiza called Almost Everything. It was launched in 1973 and is based in Santa Gertrudis.

The Cooperativa Provincial Agraria y Ganadera San Isidro, for its part, is another entity identified with the acronym CASI. This cooperative is located in the Spanish municipality of Almería and is dedicated, among other things, to the marketing of its associates’ products through auctions.

To all the above, it must be added that this cooperative was launched in the 1940’s, specifically in 1944, at the hands of farmers belonging to La Huerta and Vega de Almería. They did so with the intention of being able to proceed to directly sell the products of their gardens in the city’s food market. Fundamentally, they were dedicated to selling both potatoes and vegetables.