Definitions of Aphrodisiac


A Greek term derived in the Latin word aphrodisiăcus, which came to our language as an aphrodisiac. This adjective qualifies what manages to stoke or incite sexual desire.

The notion, which can also be used without an accent in the second I (aphrodisiac) is usually used as a noun with reference to substances that promote sexual stimulation.

For example: “We are going to celebrate the anniversary in an aphrodisiac restaurant”, “My brother-in-law recommended an aphrodisiac that, he told me, is infallible”, “At the moment I do not need an aphrodisiac, but who knows…”.

Aphrodisiacs can be drugs, foods, behaviors or even objects that achieve excitement by analogy or for cultural reasons. It is important to mention that many aphrodisiacs work due to the so-called placebo effect since, according to science, there is no evidence of their ability to stimulate sexual appetite.

In the case of aphrodisiac drugs, their function is to increase the levels of testosterone, dopamine and other hormones. Certain foods, due to their components, also achieve a similar effect.

For a symbolic extension, there are foods and products that are usually considered as aphrodisiacs for their phallic characteristics or for resembling parts of the body linked to sexuality. That is the case of bananas or plantains and oysters.

It can be said that, beyond the characteristics of the aphrodisiac in question and the organic consequences that they directly produce, the power of these elements lies in the effects they generate in people.

Although, as we have mentioned, there are different chemical substances that can be used as an aphrodisiac, it should not be overlooked that many others that are natural are also considered as such. Specifically, it is established that among the foods that most manage to increase libido and sexual desire are the following:
-Chocolate, since it is considered that it manages to increase sexual desire by releasing endorphins that its intake brings. That without forgetting that it also releases what is called FEA and that is nothing but a hormone, phenylethylamine, which is produced when you are in love.
-Coffee is believed that it can also function as an aphrodisiac as long as it activates, clears and allows both men and women to become more “active” in intimacy.
-Saffron is considered to have been used as an aphrodisiac since ancient times. So much so that, for example, the Greeks believed that this product was capable of “unleashing” any woman.
-Fruits such as strawberries, apples or avocados are also believed to be powerful foods to increase anyone’s sexual desire.

In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore that there are other substances that are used by people as an aphrodisiac. We are referring to marijuana, a plant that goes by the name of maca and even an alkaloid of African origin that is called yohimbine.