Definitions of Awareness

Awareness is an English word that indicates the act of a person realizing or becoming aware of something.

Awareness is translated into Spanish as sensitization, awareness or awareness.

In psychology, awareness is the realization of what one person feels and perceives from reality to come into contact with oneself. In the gestalt approach, which sees the human being as the sum of its parts, it focuses on three areas of awareness:

  • Awarenessoutside: sensory awareness of objects and the environment.
  • Inside awareness: contact of the senses with our inner mechanism such as breathing, muscle tension and trembling.
  • Awarenessof fantasy or intermediate zone (ZIM): awareness of all mental activity that goes beyond the present.

The gestalt approach to awareness aims at the search for the present, the here and now through a self-consciousness. In this sense, it relates to the use of the word awareness in meditation.

The awareness in meditation, is used to refer to a type of deeper consciousness, sometimes referred to as consciousness of consciousness. According to the Eastern religions that practice meditation, there are two types of consciousness or awareness :

  • Normal consciousness: it is the consciousness of the human being described scientifically, that is, the realization of external phenomena, and that as humans we are aware of our surroundings and what happens to us.
  • The meditative consciousness: it is that consciousness that is free of external phenomena, therefore, it allows the individual to recognize and separate the consciousness itself and the stimuli that move it.

Awareness in marketing

In digital marketing, awareness is associated with brand awareness also called brand awareness. This means creating in the consumer’s mind an identification, association and memories about the aspects of the brand. The brand awareness should try to get the first position in the mind of the consumer.

The use of social networks to increase visibility, awareness and brand recognition is one of the most used marketing tools for brand awareness . It is generally searched for two types of objectives:

  • Brand recognition: is the recognition of the brand, that is, to make consumers able to recognize the attributes and characteristics, and
  • Brand recall: is the brand recall, that is, the consumer is able to remember the brand as part of a category.