Definitions of Away

Away is a word that is part of the English language and in each context has different meanings. The term away can be seen as an adjective or adverb , it has several functions, the main ones are: indicates position “far or out”, such as: “I am away this day”, which in Spanish is “I am out this day “And, movement since it is a word that represents” get out, escape, go away, among others”, such as: ” Go away “which means” Get out, go away”.

The term away added to a verb can modify its meaning and, by virtue of it, can have other functions, apart from those indicated above, it can also be used to refer to isolation, hiding, storage, for example: “Lock away” means ” under lock and key, “Clear away ” translated into Spanish is “withdraw”, among others. It also expresses the continuity of an activity, such as: ” Bang way ” means “keep hitting.”

As noted above, away “away or out,” the antonym is: home.

Phrases with the expression away

Some expressions with the word away are:

Get away: escape. Normally, this expression is used in slang as an interjection of admiration to indicate I can’t believe it! You’re serious!

Keep away: stay away.

Take away: remove or subtract something from someone.

To go away: distance yourself.

Far away: distant, far.

Fly away: Fly.

Put away: order, save.

Give away: deliver, give away.

Throw away: throw, get rid and throwaway means disposable, get rid.