Definitions of Awesome

Awesome, as an Anglo-Saxon adjective, is used to indicate “terror” , “dread” , “panic” , that is, it inspired a feeling marked by fear, and also describes an event that inspires reverence or admiration, for example: “The situation was awesome ”(the situation was terrible). In relation to this point, it follows that it could have its religious origin, in the 16th century.

This is due to the fact that the word awesome is composed of two terms ” awe ” that means “fear”, “panic”, “terror”, among others, and the suffix ” some” that is widely used in the English language to form adjectives.

In the 90s, the meaning of the term awesome weakened and its connotation changed, so today it is used to express admiration. Awesome became popular with the meaning of “wonderful,” “splendid,” “very good,” “incredible.

Some examples of the word awesome are:

  • “Today the weather is awesome!”
  • “The awesome complexity of the human body”
  • “My trip was awesome” (My trip was amazing)
  • “Have you seen his new show? It’s awesome! ”(Have you seen their new show? It’s great)

The term awesome can be used as a synonym for: amazing, wonderful, awe-inspiring, among others. Taking into account, the first definition of the word under study can be referred to with the following synonyms: awful, awfully, terrible, and so on.