Definitions of Cardboard


The cardboard is the material produced by bonding multiple layers of pulp paper, sticking by moisture, are compressed and then dried by evaporation. With the drying process, the cardboard becomes consistent.

Cardboard is stronger than paper. It is a harder element and generally thicker. That is why it is used for the manufacture of boxes, containers and packaging and to protect certain products. When cardboard is very thin, it is called card stock and is used for writing or printing on it.

For example: “I need a cardboard box to store those old books”, “Wine in a cardboard container is usually cheaper than that sold in glass bottles”, “As the table moved, I placed a piece of cardboard under one of its legs to make it firm ”.

The container made with cardboard is usually called simply cardboard: “I go to the warehouse to buy a carton of milk and I will come back”, “Try not to crush the juice cartons”, “Cigarette cartons are more expensive every day”.

On the other hand, the cards that have numbers to play bingo or lottery are called cards: “I have three cards, I hope to win”, “I cannot find the winning card!” , “I ran out of money, I can’t buy more cards.

It should be noted that cardboard can be recycled. It is known as cartoneros to the people who are dedicated to collecting the cardboard thrown into the garbage and then selling it to the manufacturers, who reuse it as raw material.

Ideas for recycling cardboard

While most people throw away everything that no longer serves them, cardboard boxes and plastic wrap being two of the most common items, some choose recycling, an activity that allows us to give them new life to these materials, while also contributing to the environment and saving some money.

There are a great number of ideas to recycle the cardboard of the products that we buy every day, and many of them do not require special skill. When we finally discover the potential of what we used to consider simply “old boxes”, cardboard becomes a kind of treasure that opens the doors to decoration and creativity.

The handcrafted lamps corrugated cardboard are among the favorites, largely because the degree of complexity of the design fits the skills and experience of each without negatively impacts the outcome. For those who are just taking their first steps in the world of recycling, the ideal is to look for lamp models that use large cardboard sheets arranged around the electric bulb; the experts, meanwhile, can embark on complex creations based on thin cardboard strips to achieve a truly fascinating finish.

On the other hand, there are the cardboard shelves, which present a somewhat greater difficulty since they must be well built to resist the weight and not lose balance. Needless to say, they are not recommended for heavy objects, but for papers and small ornaments. As well as the lamps, they can be painted and decorated as we wish, combining with other materials to taste.

Animal lovers can take advantage of cardboard to build attractive beds or spoons for little money. Once again, creativity is the limit, as this material is versatile enough to create all kinds of designs much more easily than when working in wood.