Definitions of Cliché

What is cliche

What is cliche?

A cliche is an idea, phrase or expression that, because it has been widely used or repeated, has lost its strength or novelty and has become a topic or commonplace.

The cliche is commonly used in books, music and movies to refer to issues of love. In this sense, cliche refers to the known sequence of encounters and disagreements between two people, such as butterflies in the stomach, the encounter of a special person who is different from others, or nervous laughter to disguise the fact. of not knowing what to say.

In cinema and literature, all those very recurring and predictable motives, themes or scenes are considered clichés, such as the deactivation of a bomb at the last second, a car chase or the dark shadows in the horror genre.

Generally, resorting to cliches in oral or written discourse indicates a person’s lack of creativity, ideas or sincerity, which is why its use is considered inadvisable.

The word, as such, comes from the French cliche, which refers to a stereotype or type of printing press.

Synonyms of cliche we can use the words stereotype, “commonplace” and repetition.

In English, the word cliché can have several translations: stencil when it refers to printing, cliché when it means topic or widely used expression, and negative , when it refers to the photographic negative.

Cliche or cliche

According to the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), this word has two admitted spellings that can be used interchangeably: cliche and cliche, being cliche the most common and used.

Cliche in love

The cliche in love refers to the common places or repetitions that the meeting between two people who like each other do and experience. The cliche in love is very common in romanticism, where there are stereotypes in the use of phrases, gifts or type of people.

For example, a cliche phrase in love to end a relationship could be: “It’s not you, it’s me.” A cliché gift would be flowers with a box of chocolates and a cliché relationship is that of the boss with the secretary.

Printing cliche

In printing, cliche refers to a plate or sheet of metal or other material with the relief of the print to be printed on paper or cardboard. The cliché in this sense, is part of printing techniques such as flexography that help reproduce images and texts quickly and more economically than normal printers.

Cliche may also be the fragment of negative photographic film, which is used to reproduce the images it contains.

What is cliche