Definitions of Cluster

What is Cluster

What is Cluster?

Clúster is the Hispanicization of the term of English origin cluster, which is translated as ‘cluster’, ‘set’ or ‘cluster’. Currently, its use is very common in different areas such as computing, science, the business world and even the artistic-cultural world.

Computer cluster

Cluster refers to the set of computers interconnected by means of a high-speed network, which operate as if they were a single computer. This allows access to a computer with higher power and speed, suitable to fulfill certain functions.

The term is also applied to describe a section of the hard drive, made up of contiguous sectors where information is stored.

Cluster in the business world

In the business field, cluster refers to a set or conglomerate of companies in the same industry interconnected with each other within a territory.

Organized in this way, companies compete with others in the same sector applying various strategies, such as increasing production, supporting new companies or controlling opportunism, among other things.

Cluster in science

The word cluster is frequently used in science to refer to groups or clusters of different elements. Thus, for example, a gene cluster, a cluster of atoms or molecules, a cluster of stars and more can be mentioned.

Artistic cluster

Known as an art cluster, this expression designates a form of organization for networked artists whose purpose is to publicize access to free culture and spread artistic values ​​without borders. The term was coined in 2011, derived directly from its computer meaning.

What is Cluster