Definitions of Coaching

What is Coaching

What is Coaching?

As coaching we call a dynamic and interactive learning methodology that is developed between a coach (tutor, instructor) and a coachee (apprentice) for the full development of the latter’s capacities and abilities, whether on a personal or professional level. business or organizational, in order to achieve certain goals and achieve the best results.

As such, coaching is a word from English that is derived from the verb to coach , which means ‘to instruct, train, prepare, help’. The roles associated with this activity are those of the coach , who is the instructor or trainer , and that of the coachee, who is the client, the apprentice or pupil.

The coaching is a process in which a person or group of persons are placed under the guidance of a coach who observes, assists, directs, accompanies, motivates and evaluates over a period of time or during the development of a project, with the aim of helping them achieve specific goals and achieve the maximum possible performance according to the capacities, resources and natural abilities of each one.

During coaching , a person is able to perceive how their ways of acting and reacting to certain issues affect their performance to achieve specific objectives. A good coaching process must necessarily lead a person or organization to better take advantage of their capabilities and improve their results in relation to a given situation or goal.

In this sense, coaching tries to offer us new tools, methods and techniques that can favor our performance, performance and productivity; focuses on the importance of planning and correct management of time and resources; It endows us with a clearer awareness regarding the development of our own talent, and, finally, it revitalizes the ambition to always be in search of excellence in achieving our goals.

Personal coaching

The coaching staff is a learning methodology and guidance developed between a coach (tutor) and a coachee (apprentice), which focuses on all aspects of the life of the individual : affective relationships, job performance, social development, physical fitness, nutritional situation, personal goals, etc.

The coaching staff aims to obtain the maximum development of the potential of an individual to achieve their goals. In this sense, it is very useful to get to know us better, to strengthen our self-confidence, to optimize our time management, to achieve a balance between the different areas of our life (work, affective, family, health, pleasure, etc.) and, ultimately , enjoy life more.

Ontological coaching

The coaching ontological is a learning method based on self – awareness, self – knowledge and self – transformation . As such, it is a discipline that combines coaching with the principles of ontology, that is, the branch of philosophy that studies being as such. Hence, ontological coaching is a process of personal, business or organizational growth based on the domain of being.

Its dynamics basically consists of people, companies or organizations being able to perceive what their way of being is, relate to and act before the world. From there, a process of questioning about the traditional patterns under which it has acted begins, in order to find a way to modify and rethink them to find more productive, creative and successful ways of proceeding. In this sense, ontological coaching connects us with our resources and our ability to manage them to obtain better results and achieve our goals.

What is Coaching