Definitions of Coward

What is Coward

What is Coward?

The person who does not face situations that involve danger because of their fears is called a coward.

The word coward is used as a qualifying adjective, derived from the French couard , which means “coward”. Among the synonyms of coward are the following words: fearful, faint-hearted, hen, flattened, shy, frightened, fearful, among others. The opposite of a coward is brave or determined.

Cowardly people are those who, faced with a situation of difficulty or confrontation, feel invaded by an excessive fear that does not allow them to act with courage. For example, “He was a coward, he did not dare defend himself against his attackers.”

Anyone can act cowardly depending on the situation they are in. It may happen that in the midst of an assault the person, out of precaution and fear, decides not to act for fear of being violently attacked, in this case cowardice may imply prudence.

Also, there are those who act like cowards because they feel inferior or unable to defend their opinions before others . In these cases, instead of taking action against the abuse of others, the individual does the opposite and acts in a fearful way, which many consider to be pusillanimous.

For example, “Whenever they can, they make fun of her, if she weren’t so cowardly, she would have confronted and defended her position.”

There are even cases where the cowardly and negligent action of an individual can harm other people by not assuming responsibility.

For example, “The boss asked him where the reports were but, he kept quiet like a coward and did not tell the truth. Because of him they warned us all in the department. ”

As stated, the cowardly person does not have the courage to defy difficulties or make decisions for himself. This posture can also be seen in those individuals who take arrogant behavior when they are in a group and feel protected, but when they are alone they usually run away.

In general terms, keeping the respective differences, cowards are frowned upon in all cultures, they are not considered trustworthy. Rather, the brave are often praised for having the will and courage to face it.

What is Coward