Definitions of Crossing


The concept of crossing refers to the act and the result of crossing. This verb, in turn, can refer to the fact of crossing something over another element, forming a cross; to cross a road or a point; to confront an opinion or an idea; or to make two animals of different origin have offspring.

For example: “Car accidents always occur at the intersection of these avenues”, “The crossing of the Cordillera de los Andes was one of the great milestones of the army led by José de San Martín”, “The model went out to the intersection of the statements made by his former representative”.

In the field of roads, the intersection of two or more roads or pathways (streets, avenues, highways, etc.) is called a crossroads. The crossing can be level (both paths are on the same surface) or uneven (one path rises and the other is lower).

Intersections require a lot of attention from drivers to avoid collisions. Depending on each junction, the vehicle can turn left, right, make a U-turn, or continue forward. In general, these movements are regulated by traffic signals and/or traffic lights.

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Zebra crossings, pedestrian crossings or pedestrian paths are also called crossing. These are marked areas on the road where vehicles circulate that have the function of facilitating the crossing for pedestrians. Vehicles must stop before these zones and give way to those traveling on foot.

In the same way, at a popular level, we cannot ignore the fact that the expression crossroads is also used. This is used to mention that a person is in a difficult moment in her life, in which he must decide. And it is that he has several alternatives before him, whether professional or personal, and he must choose one to continue facing his existence.

Likewise, we come across the existence of a film that is precisely called “Crossroads”. In 2013, that one was released, which was directed by Derek Cianfrance and written by him together with Darius Marder and Ben Coccio.

Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes, Bradley Cooper, Ray Liotta and Rose Byrne are the actors who lead the cast of this police feature film. The story revolves around a motorcycle rider specialized in certain shows who decides to leave that life behind to focus on taking care of the son he has had with an ex-partner.

Being able to support that family he now has will make the man decide to take advantage of his mastery with motorcycles to rob banks. However, it will not be easy for a new police officer who arrives at the scene and is willing to put an end to all the existing corruption. The sooner he does it, the sooner he gets promoted in the department.

Likewise, there is a novel entitled “Crossroads”, written by Carlos María Cabrerizo, which was published in 2016 and revolves around pain, love and hope.

When two different breeds of dogs come together in the same specimen, it is called a crossbreed. Crossbreeding gives rise to hybrids such as the puggle, a cross between a pug and a beagle.