Definitions of Defense


From the Latin defēnsa, the notion of defense is associated with the verb to defend. This action, on the other hand, refers to caring for, protecting or preserving something. Defense, therefore, is that which provides protection in some way or the result of defending oneself.

For example: “Do you have something to say in your defense?” , “I bought the weapon for personal defense, not to attack someone”, “The team will have to improve their defense if they want to win the tournament”.

Defense in the field of health

Regarding health, those mechanisms of the body that allow repelling the action of pathogenic agents are known as defenses.

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“You should eat foods that have vitamin C to improve your natural defenses against the flu” and “I have low defenses due to the virus” are expressions that show this use.

In the field of law, the argument used to refute or counter an accusation is called a defense.

The concept in law

In the field of law, the defense is the argument that someone uses in the context of a trial to counter or refute an accusation.

The term, by extension, is used to name the lawyer who defends the accused: “The defense will try to show that, that night, his client was three hundred kilometers from the scene of the crime”, “In my defense you can say that I never had a aggressive behavior”.

National defense

In the same way, we cannot ignore talking about the defense of a country. And it is that under this denomination, also known as national defense, the whole set of actions and infrastructures that exist in it are framed to be able to avoid or reject the military attacks that are suffered.

For this reason, each nation usually has its Ministry of Defense, which is in charge of coordinating and managing all the actions that must be undertaken, both within the borders and outside them, to ensure that citizens have a safe life. peace and without danger of any kind.

Self-defense consists of a series of techniques to repel possible attacks.

Personal resource

Likewise, we must not forget what is known as self-defense. This is a term that is used to refer to techniques carried out by an individual with the clear objective of being able to stop an offensive action carried out by another on him.

Within the military field, self-defense is widely used, since it is the way for soldiers to be prepared to face what is known as “hand-to-hand combat”. However, we cannot forget that it is increasingly taught so that any woman can protect herself and repel any type of sexual or physical aggression that she may receive.

Defense in sports

In sports, the defense is that line formed by the players who have the function of containing and rejecting the rival’s attack. Defense can be considered as a position on the pitch, a strategy or a mission : “The Scottish defender was suspended for assaulting a referee”, “The team failed in defense and had to settle for a draw”.

In the field of football is where the term in question is most commonly spoken of. At the moment, among the most important and famous defenders in this sport are Sergio Ramos, Filipe Luis, Miranda, Philipp Lahm, Gerard Piqué, Mascheranno, Mats Hummels…

Defense, finally, is the name of a street that crosses the oldest areas of the city of Buenos Aires.