Definitions of Deposed


Deposed is a term that derives from deposing, a verb from the Latin word deponĕre that refers to removing someone from their position or position. A deposed individual, therefore, lost the honor or function that he held until then.

For example: “After the controversy, the Minister of Public Works was deposed”, “The king was deposed from the throne by a popular rebellion”, “Analysts maintain that the deposed president still wields great power”.

Starting from its meaning, we can state that they are synonymous with the term deposed, both dismissed and replaced, relieved, unauthorized and even demoted. On the contrary, antonyms of that word are restored, authorized, reincorporated or reinstated, for example.

Suppose that, in a public speech, the Secretary of Human Rights of a country pronounces aggressive and discriminatory words that affect a certain social group. Faced with this situation, the president decides to kick him out since he considers that the thought evidenced by the official is not in accordance with what someone who holds his position should feel and express. The subject in question, once fired, becomes the deposed Secretary of Human Rights, while another person assumes his role.

Within the sports field, the word that concerns us is used very frequently. Thus, it is very common that, for example, when a soccer team is going through a stage of poor results, the president and other managers take action in this regard. And among the most common is turning the coach deposed and replacing him with another.

Thus, when Real Madrid in just one week of 2019 has fallen out of the Copa del Rey, has not progressed to the next round of the Champions League and, furthermore, it is almost impossible to win the League, its coach (Solari) has been deposed. Specifically, he has had to leave and in his place has been placed the one who was already the team’s manager, Zinedine Zidane.

On occasion, the people may elect a public official and then remove him. Take the case of a mayor who comes to power thanks to democratic elections. With the passage of time, however, the inhabitants of his municipality begin to get angry with him due to his policies and a serious economic and social crisis is unleashed. In this way, massive demonstrations began to take place in the streets and squares, some of them with disturbances, demanding the resignation of the mayor. The leader, finally, decides to step aside and leaves his post. It can be said, in short, that the deposed community chief had to leave the mayor’s office due to the pressure exerted by the neighbors.

Likewise, we cannot ignore that in the literary field the term in question has been used on numerous occasions to proceed to give title to different works. This would be the case, for example, of the work “Deposed Poets”. It is an anthology of Peronist poets that was published in 2011 and has a prologue by Gito Minore.

Among the authors who have a place in this work are Alfredo Carlino, Fermín Chávez, María Granata, Julia Pritluzky Farny, Leopoldo Marechal…