Definitions of Emerge


The dictionary mentions three meanings of the term emerge. The first of them refers to sifting cereals or filtering the flour in order to obtain the flower (the best part).

Regarding a mass, a mantle or a mineral deposit, reports the RAE, the notion of outcropping refers to what happens when it emerges or rises to the earth’s surface.

The most common use of the concept, anyway, is linked to what happens when something that was hidden, in development or relegated, finally appears or appears. For example: “My singing teacher asked me not to be shy and to allow all the volume of my voice to emerge”, “Once this government leaves power, I am sure that the evidence of the corruption ”, “ The nervousness after a new defeat for the team was not long in coming ”.

Suppose that in a certain city, car thefts were very frequent for many years. Until a government, through a series of measures linked to security policies, managed to reduce the rates related to this crime. Some time later, vehicle thefts increased again. Given this situation, political analysts begin to analyze why these crimes reappeared in the town.

A journalist investigating the economic movements of public officials, on the other hand, can bring out a corruption plot that shows illicit enrichment. In this case, outcropping is associated with bringing to light, making something become public knowledge.

In the same way, we have to expose that the use of what is known as surfacing feelings is very common. It is an expression used to refer to the fact that a person does not hide what he feels but rather lets it flow. Precisely a clear example of its meaning is this phrase: “Despite Luis’s apparent coldness, he let his feelings surface when he learned of the death of his friend.”

In this sense, although it may be a topic, it is considered that there are still more women who do not have problems to let their feelings surface in situations such as listening to a song, watching a movie, admiring a painting or attending a theatrical performance.

There are people, however, who are not able to show what they feel. They cannot because they have not been educated like this or because, in a habitual way, they put on a kind of “shell” to protect themselves. However, when you want to leave all that behind in order to bring out what is experienced in the soul and the heart, you can choose to take these measures:
-It is essential to free yourself from educational prejudices and stereotypes.
-You don’t have to think, you just have to feel.
-It must be clear that you are not weaker by allowing feelings to emerge, you are simply more human.
-It is important to be clear that not by hiding what you feel you can avoid being hurt by other people. That is a risk that is always taken.