Definitions of Entertainment


Entertainment is the act of entertaining: the action of offering homage, pay tribute, to offer a compliment or give something to someone as a testimony of admiration or affection. An entertainment can be a gift or an event that is organized in honor of an individual.

For example: “Tonight, at the German embassy, the famous artist will be entertained, with over a hundred guests”, “I am very happy, yesterday I was offered a dinner for the award”, “Surprisingly, a group of neighbors interrupted the celebration to the mayor to protest the insecurity.

It is usual that the entertainment is carried out as a welcome or farewell to a visitor. Suppose that a renowned scientist arrives in a certain country to give a lecture. Before the relevant visit, the president of the nation decides to offer him a treat: a dinner in his honor, with multiple guests who also want to meet, greet and congratulate the scientist. In this way, on his first night in the country, the scientist receives the entertainment as a form of recognition for his work.

The entertainment can also function as a gift that is made to the protagonist of a certain event. A young man who graduates as an engineer can be entertained by his family with a party, just as a writer who wins a literary contest can be the protagonist of an entertainment organized by his friends and colleagues. A couple turning fifty years of marriage and a teenager celebrating their first fifteen years of life can also receive a treat.

It is important to point out that the celebration is not carried out to pay tribute to deceased people, but rather it is a meeting attended by the protagonist. In other cases, you can talk about a tribute to someone or a party in honor of someone, among other possibilities.

Other meanings that we find the verb entertain in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy are the following: «treat someone with affection and expressiveness», «give someone certain signs of consideration or affection «, «give accommodation or room to someone ». The latter is clearly related to the examples presented in the previous paragraphs, although we can say that it is not always an event in honor of someone, but may merely consist of receiving it in our home.

Although we do not often hear the word entertainment or its aforementioned verb in everyday speech, the concept is of great relevance for those who dedicate themselves carefully to decorating their homes and interior design, for example, since a One of his priorities is to prepare adequately for a possible unexpected visit. Unlike people who consider their home a mere place to wash, eat and rest, or to take refuge from the outside world, for others it is a center of social congregation, and therefore they want to always keep it in excellent condition.

In this context, there are dozens of websites with useful information to deal with a surprise treat with a wide variety of dishes and drinks suitable for all tastes and schedules, without neglecting the order of the house, which is important to keep constantly.

The term entertainment can also be defined as a soft drink that is served in the afternoon. In this sense, everyone knows different recipes, and can even invent them using their creativity or simply taking advantage of the ingredients at their disposal, since it is not a well-defined set of drinks, but rather falls into the category of appetizers, hors d’oeuvres and snacks.