Definitions of Helmet


In its most common meaning, the concept of helmet refers to the element that provides protection to the head. It is a cover made of solid materials, capable of resisting blows and impacts.

For example: “All motorcyclists are required to wear helmets”, “Last night I fell off my bicycle, but luckily I was wearing my helmet so I did not get hurt”, “The members of this special police force wear helmets in case they receive aggressions ”.

The purpose of a helmet is to protect the head. If a person hits their head against a solid surface, or a heavy object falls on their skull, they can be seriously injured and even killed. Such damage can be minimized with a helmet.

Helmets are worn by motorists and motorcyclists participating in sports competitions such as Formula 1, the World Rally Championship and many others. On public roads, those who travel on motorcycles are also often forced to wear a helmet as a safety method.

In the case of motorcyclists, it must be established that there are six different types of helmet in favor of their safety:
-The full face helmet, which has become one of the favorites of many because it adapts very well and because it protects so much the head as well as the face and neck. It is also established that it is very resistant.
-The classic helmet, which fits on the chin and is located in the highest part of the head, which is the only one that covers.
-The design helmet, which is customized and personalized to the maximum. It is similar to those used by professionals in the world of motorcycling to compete in different races.
-The jet-type helmet, which resembles the classics although it protects the ear area somewhat more.
-The competition helmet, which resembles the helmet used in trials.
-The jet-type helmet with a visor, which, as its name suggests, is the same as the jet except with the exception that it includes a visor or screen that covers the eye area.

When choosing a helmet it is essential that the person takes into account the following aspects:
-The type you want must be clear, starting from the comfort, the price and the safety it offers.
-It must fit well to your head and offer proper ventilation.
-It has to be an approved helmet, because that will give you the security that it is resistant and will protect you in the event of a traffic accident or fall.

In certain work activities and industries, such as mining and construction, workers must wear helmets. Even the uniform of the members of certain security forces includes a helmet for protection.

The idea of a helmet, on the other hand, can refer to a set of buildings that share certain characteristics. It is called urban helmet to the constructions that are developed within the limits of a city. The historic center of a town, for its part, brings together the oldest buildings: “Insecurity in the urban area increased”, “The authorities announced a plan to restore the historic center.