Definitions of Hobby


Hobby is a term that has its origin in the Latin word affectio. It is the inclination or affection towards someone or something. The concept is used to name the group of people who frequently attend or are passionate about certain shows.

For example: “My fondness for books led me to spend whole nights without sleep, trapped by the magic of literature”, “The local team’s fans showed their discontent with the referee’s performance through shouting and insults”, ” I want to thank the fans for their support at this difficult time for me. ”

The idea of ​​hobby can be associated with other similar concepts that are more or less popular depending on the geographical region or according to the degree of passion that is attributed to people, such as fans, supporters, fans, supporters or followers. In some contexts, therefore, fans can be synonymous with fans or fans: “The fans fired the player with an ovation”, “The fans fired the player with an ovation”, “The fans fired the player with an ovation”.

The notion, on the other hand, is used to name the hobby or hobby that is developed for entertainment and, generally, not for a productive purpose. The person who has a hobby does so out of vocation and for the pleasure generated by this activity: “Model airplanes are a hobby that I spend several hours a week on”, “I have no other hobby than watching soccer on television”, ” Bonsai farming is a hobby that fascinates my aunt. ”

Some of the rarest hobbies in the world

Art in tapas

For more than forty years, a Texan by the name of Barney Smith dedicated himself to collecting toilet seats. Its collection reaches 700 covers and in each one you can see a different work of art: some with painted designs, others with objects glued on them as a collage ranging from a rubber hand to a car number plate. Annually, thousands of artists and students visit this peculiar museum, born from a no less peculiar hobby.

The Soap Collector

Carol Vaughn began collecting soaps in 1991, right after her mother’s death, to fill her emotional void. Currently it has more than 5000 different designs. Among the most peculiar is one with the shape of a Santa Claus head and the other with the appearance of a cake.

Eat soap

Tempestt Henderson, a 19-year-old girl, has developed a particularly strange taste: eating soap. It all started when her boyfriend abandoned her; While she was crying without consolation, one day she discovered that the flavor of this product helped her feel better. He went so far as to consume several bars of soap a week and supplement them with detergent. After spending more than half a year with this unusual hobby, his doctor diagnosed him with an eating disorder and recommended that he stop eating soap immediately if he did not want to put his life at risk.

Plastic surgery

Cindy Jackson is the person who has undergone the most cosmetic surgeries in the world. It all started at the age of 33, when her father passed away: she decided to use her inheritance (which was around 100,000 dollars) to finally fulfill her dream of looking like a Barbie. The number of surgeries to which he has undergone so far exceeds 50, and these include various nose operations, Botox, fixation on the cheekbones, liposuctions on various parts of the body, eyelid lift, jaw reduction and liftings. In 2007, after her mother’s death, a new wave of operations began, this time to see herself as her favorite actress: Brigitte Bardot.