Definitions of Jacket


The etymology of the term casaca is not clear: it could derive from the Italian casacca or from the French casaque, according to the DigoPaul in its dictionary. The concept refers to a garment that fits the body and is often a uniform.

In ancient times, clothing that was worn close-fitting was called a jacket, with a straight neck that did not bend and that was closed around a bowtie. These jackets had buttons and ended in skirts. Although it was mainly a male garment, there were also jackets for women. The jackets were also used by students to go to study centers.

It must be established that fashion and design experts are clear that one of the most important garments in history has been the jacket, also called justacorps. And they say that it became an essential piece of clothing in French life back in the second half of the seventeenth century.

During all that time he was changing his appearance. Thus, for example, it began with short sleeves and then they became long and much narrower so that, at the elbow, they widened and adopted several turns.

So much weight was getting that garment in the aforementioned Gallic life that, little by little, it was spreading throughout the rest of Europe. Thus, it became a garment of class, elegance and distinction. In Spain, for example, this clothing came with the name of French dress or chamberga. It began to be introduced and popularized on the occasion of the wedding of María Luisa de Orleans, the niece of the French king, with Carlos II.

And not only that, but in France, King Louis XIV himself made the decision to establish that these coats were of a certain color for his most important courtiers. So much so that they began to wear blue ones embroidered with silver and gold.

What’s more, what was called a patent coat was shaped. This was the one that only the knights chosen by the king had to wear. They were knights who had the honor of being able to accompany the monarch.

Currently the notion refers to different kinds of clothing. In some countries, the jacket is used as a synonym for a T – shirt or a T – shirt, especially those worn by football teams. For example: “The Argentine player will wear the Sevilla jacket next season”, “The Italian club surprised by presenting a black jacket”, “The forward, grateful, threw his jacket to the supporters as a gift”.

There are regions where jacket is used as a synonym for jacket: a garment that extends below the hip, is open at the front and has sleeves. Even the idea of ​​a jacket can be equivalent to a tail coat (the male garment with skirts at the back, which reaches the waist area in front).

Finally, in some areas of Central America, jacket is an adjective that qualifies something that is false or a liar: “What you said is a jacket!” , “What politicians declare is usually pure jacket”.