Definitions of Poster


The concept of poster refers to a sheet that presents some type of information that is intended to be disseminated. Usually these are advertisements located in visible places in public spaces.

For example: “Have you seen the new poster for the burger joint? They will make discounts throughout the month ”, “ The government will put up posters in public schools to teach children how to protect themselves from dengue ”, “ I just went to the store but couldn’t buy anything: there was a sign on the door that said ‘Closed bereavement ‘ “.

The billboards are ads that develop businesses to promote their products and services. It is common for them to include images and texts, so that the potential client or consumer receives the information that the company is interested in making known.

A poster can also be used to advertise an event. The premiere of a movie in a cinema, a boxing match that will take place in a sports center, a concert in a theater or the holding of a fair are some of the activities that can motivate the creation of a poster.

The movie poster is one of the most important types that exist. It is used to advertise a movie and is placed not only on the facades of cinemas but also on numerous marquees and city streets. Everything so that citizens are aware of the premiere of that film. In the same way, that poster will also be in charge of acting as the cover of the dvd’s of that feature film when they are put on sale.

Within the history of this movie poster, it should be noted that it has evolved a lot and that it has been influenced by what are the different artistic currents that have emerged over time. Thus, we can find beautiful jewels such as the following:
-The poster of the movie “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” (1919) which is influenced by German expressionism.
-The poster for the feature film “The Yellow Submarine” (1968) is an example of pop art.

Curiosity about movie posters is also that many of those that have been made throughout history have been victims of censorship. Thus, in Spain, during the postwar period, those with women’s necklines or dresses that were too tight were attacked and had to modify.

Posters are also posted on public roads during electoral campaigns. In this case, the poster is a means of political propaganda that serves to present the photograph of a candidate together with the shield of his political party and the electoral slogan.

The luminous or electronic billboards, meanwhile, are not printed sheets, but appeal to technology to display data.

It should be noted that the term can also be used to name an agreement between different companies not to compete with each other and regulate the functioning of the market through prices and other variables.

Those who are in favor of the cartel within the sphere of the economy consider that it is really beneficial. In particular, they consider that it brings advantages such as eliminating high tariffs, reducing production costs or distributing benefits in a more equitable way.

The criminal organization dedicated to the sale of weapons or drugs is also called this way. In the latter cases, the word can also be accented in the letter A (cartel).