Definitions of Poster


The first thing we are going to do is determine the etymological origin of the term poster. In this sense, we have to establish that it is a word that derives from the French word “affiche”, which, in turn, emanates from the Latin word “affictum”, which can be translated as “attached to” or “fixed”.

Poster is a term that refers to a poster. It is, therefore, a sheet of paper or other material in which there are texts or figures that are exhibited for various purposes.

For example: “They hung a poster on the door of the school to inform that tomorrow there will be no classes”, “The poster of the new Tarantino film is very controversial”, “We have to go out and stick the posters to spread the concert”.

The notion of poster is used in Latin America, but not so much in Spain. Any printed material that transmits some kind of visual message and that serves as an advertisement for the dissemination of certain information can be defined as a poster.

A poster, therefore, can be a poster promoting a product, service, or event. In this case, the posters seek to attract the attention of potential consumers or clients to increase sales: “The company covered the city with posters to promote its new cola drink”, “Have you seen the circus poster? The entrance to the show today is offered with a 50% discount ”, “ The poster indicates that, if you contract the service before the end of the month, you will have three bonus months ”.

In this sense, we must also explain that the poster is not only about an image, but that same term is used to refer to the text that what it does is promote a product, an event, a political party, a service…

This type of text must be stated that it has clear identity marks that differentiate it from other documents:
• The objective is to convince the person who reads it to buy the article, contract the service, attend an appointment or vote to a political group.
• It can be read quickly as it is a short text.
• However, it is very clear and also very concise.
• You must have a slogan that is direct and leaves the necessary mark.
• It will be accompanied by a graphic image that will be in charge of emphasizing and convincing even more.
• It must be done in simple language so that it is understood by as many people as possible.
• It is important that you have a clearly hierarchical structure, where the most important thing is at the beginning.
• The poster should be presented in legible, eye-catching and eye-catching typeface.
• It must be placed in public places so that it is seen by a large number of people.

The posters can also be used in politics to spread the proposals of a party or to campaign for a candidate: “The opposition candidate assures, from his posters, that he will create three thousand jobs in a year”, “The Blue Party He denounced that their posters were sabotaged ”, “ A poster asking for support for the Socialists was pasted on my door”.