Definitions of Request Letter

Request Letter

Carta, from the Latin charta, is a written paper that is usually protected with an envelope and that is sent with the intention of transmitting a message. Whoever sends a letter is called the sender or sender, while whoever receives it is known as the addressee or receiver.

A request, on the other hand, is an order or a diligence. The person applying wants to get something.

The notion of a request letter refers to a type of letter that is motivated by a request that you want to make to a person or an organization. The letter of request gives formality to the request and allows the interested party to state their interests correctly.

When the communication indicates the intention to access a job, it can be called a job application letter. The subject, in this way, applies for a job opportunity, expressing to a company his intention to work there. For example: “I have already sent a job application letter to the company: I hope you can help me with your contacts so that my request is taken into account”, “I am sick of receiving job application letters when we can barely pay the salary of current employees ”.

When preparing a job application letter, it is essential that the following criteria are taken into account to be able to write a perfect one:
• It must be presented on good quality paper.
• Special care must be taken with spelling and grammar. In this way, blunders will be avoided that could cause the company not to continue reading and deny the request.
• It must have a heading, a body and a closing, where the acknowledgments and the corresponding signature are included.
• It is essential that the contact details are perfectly visible so that the entity in question can quickly establish communication with the candidate who sends it.
• The correct thing is to establish the names and surnames of the person to whom it is specifically addressed within the company.
• No less important is that the job application letter is clear and concise.
• In the same way, it is essential that the person who writes it does not exaggerate their experience or qualifications. Likewise, it should not be modest about it, you have to recognize the reality of your professional capacity.

In this sense, we have to underline that also within the workplace it is frequent to write internship request letters. They are written by young people who are studying a degree or have just finished it and who want a company to give them the opportunity to start fully entering their profession through the aforementioned practices where they will learn the trade from the hands of qualified experts.

The request letter can also be used to request a budget, a catalog or price information: “Marta, please send a request letter to Repuestos Cangallo and request a quote for three bovines”, “Chief, we have received a request letter from the Ministry of Transport where they ask us for a catalog of our products ”.

Request Letter