Definitions of Secure


The first meaning of the verb to secure mentioned in the dictionary refers to granting bail by a subject to satisfy an obligation or to protect assets or interests.

Although this use does not appear frequently in everyday speech, when we situate ourselves in the real estate field, we see that the word surety is common, since it represents a payment made by a tenant to the owner of the home they wish to rent, as of security against potential damages or arrears of rent, among other issues.

In this context, the term is related to collateral, which we generally understand as the guarantee that an individual offers on the qualities or behavior of another, in this case the tenant. The right defines guarantee as the obligation that a person acquires to fulfill certain commitments contracted by a third party, in case the latter did not do so.

The most common use of the concept, in any case, is associated with the action of supporting or certifying something. For example: “The government intends to strengthen its position at the international level through a series of bilateral agreements”, “The non-governmental organization received a subsidy of 200,000 pesos so that it can strengthen its territorial work”, “I think we should strengthen our game to have a better chance of going to the next round. ”

The idea of securing, therefore, is used in different contexts. Suppose a man and a woman meet at a bar and start dating frequently. Thus, little by little, they begin to establish a sentimental bond. Months later, with the aim of strengthening the relationship, both decide to go live together. In this case, “strengthening” means strengthening the couple and strengthening the bond even more, perhaps with the intention of getting married or having children in the future.

Strengthening interpersonal relationships is essential for them to subsist. The first stage of a courtship, for example, is characterized by the lack of clarity in the perception that each one has of the other: since at the beginning there are no deep feelings, but an intense and spontaneous attraction, the union focuses more on chemistry than in the little details.

Taking the step of living together involves a series of changes much more complex than the simple fact of “seeing each other every day.” Knowing the customs of another person in depth can be very negative for a relationship, to the point of completely ruining it; On the other hand, if there is sufficient will on both sides to adapt, then this decision may be the ideal one to strengthen the bond and take it to a higher level.

But this also occurs outside of romantic relationships; In business it is also important to strengthen ties to obtain better results, although the parameters to be taken into account are very different. While with a partner our goals always aim at mutual and genuine well-being, in dealing with a client or a provider we seek to obtain the greatest benefit at the lowest price. In any case, the secret to strengthening a relationship is to be attentive to small things, to those signs that tell us how to proceed to make it grow, to prevent it from stagnating.

A club, on the other hand, can try to strengthen its operation by obtaining financial resources and formalizing its activities. With a legally constituted board of directors and monetary funds to cover expenses and make investments, the institution can strengthen its position and plan future actions that lead to growth in terms of its number of associates and their services.