Definitions of Wallet


A wallet is an item that folds in half and allows you to store and carry money, cards and documents in a pocket. In some countries this object is called a wallet or wallet.

For example: “When I took my wallet to pay for the purchase, I discovered that I had not brought any money”, “Police! That young man stole my wallet! ” , “In my wallet I carry my identity document, two credit cards, my insurance card and many other things.

In this type of portfolio, there are two elements that are not usually lacking, since they are necessary or appropriate to modern life:

* credit and debit cards: although payment through electronic devices thanks to NFC technology could leave behind the usefulness of cards, we are still far from that reality. Something that is part of the past is cash, which between travel cards for public transport and credit and debit cards for purchases no longer seems to be necessary;

* photos of loved ones: fewer and fewer people are likely to carry photos of their family in their wallets, as they have their mobile phones for that, but the value of printed paper still exceeds the geometric perfection of the screen. In addition, photo booths are still popular to this day, and there are many witty photographs taken that we want to take with us to remember those special moments.

The wallet that has handles or straps to move it more comfortably, and that allows the storage of different belongings, is also called a portfolio. In this case, a wallet resembles a purse and is used by women: “My wife asked me for a new wallet for her birthday”, “I can’t find the keys in the wallet”, “Could you keep the camera in your wallet, please? ” .

In women’s wallets, as well as in any similar type of bag, it is possible to carry many more things than in wallets. For example:

* Beauty items: from combs and hairbrushes to makeup pupae and brushes to always be radiant when we need it most, the wallet is a Pandora’s box that can save us from a bad impression;

* needle and thread: it may happen that we have to mend a garment in the middle of the street, or even the wallet itself. For these situations it is ideal to have a needle and thread, as well as a pair of scissors and any other tool that allows us to get out of an unexpected breakdown;

* toys: mothers of young children know better than anyone that they take advantage of the less opportune moments to attract attention and become restless. That’s when your favorite toys can make the difference between a public fool and a successfully managed emergency.

Cartera, on the other hand, is a woman whose job it is to deliver the mail: when it is a man who performs this task, he is called a postman.

The set of effects and securities that make up the assets of a person or an entity is also called a portfolio: “My investment advisor recommended that I diversify the securities in my portfolio”, “My father has a large portfolio of stocks”, “We have to make the product portfolio grow.

Finally, a ministry, a department or an area of a government is called a portfolio: “The head of the Economy portfolio will give a press conference at 6 pm”, “The Health portfolio requires more investment”, “The head of the Education portfolio has received a lot of criticism in recent months.