DevCheck, Terrible Times for CPU-Z

Sometimes, world on the move apps, the most interesting news are coming from areas that seemed impossible to improve until five minutes before. Take for instance the information gathering tool: what ever you can invent to overcome a best seller like CPU-Z?

DevCheck, Terrible Times for CPU-Z

Well, it looks like the developer of DevCheck knows only too well. The app not only boasts an excellent graphics very hip (in Material Design, of course), but also a complete range of information -perhaps the only one who plays with CPU-Z as much but with a better layout, more rational and understandable. Interesting in particular the Dashboard home screen, showing key information about the State of your system-processor load, free RAM, battery level, and so on-and the page dedicated to sensors, richer of details.

DevCheck, Terrible Times for CPU-Z 1

Already so DevCheck puts in serious difficulty CPU-Z; If we consider the functions of Premium offer things get even more complicated. For 2.49 € we have different color themes, the night mode with predominantly black screen, and four small floating monitor real that provide inside definitions in real time on CPU load, CPU and GPU clock and temperature on SoC. Monitors can wander around the screen, or be minimized in the status bar at the top.

DevCheck, Terrible Times for CPU-Z 2

It is surely too early to give up for lost King CPU-Z, but the first steps of DevCheck are really promising – so much so that, compared with more than 1000 downloads in just a few weeks after its debut, the average ratings on Google Play is a stratospheric 4.9 out of 5. An app to try for those who appreciate the genre.

DevCheck, Terrible Times for CPU-Z 3