Eroski Moved to Secure The Promotion That Gives Internet during The Summer Veranoski


After having known the new rate Veranoski that Eroski mobile promotes this summer giving away internet in Exchange for a minimum consumption, the OMV with Vodafone coverage will also move to users of the possibility to browse free prepaid card in Exchange for a minimum recharge.

Promotional way until September 15, all those top-ups of 20 euros or more will include 20% extra balance exclusively to navigate during 30 days, i.e., for 20 euros refills include 110 MB, with € 25 138 MB, with 30 euros 165 MB or charging 50 euros would have a total of 275 MB additional to the tariff you have contracted.

A promotion that despite be inconspicuous at a glance, stresses that we see it with an MVNO Since these do not tend to have too much scope to make such gifts. Also not like who see how your rate is stretched during the months that data consumption tends to be higher than usual?