Faliraki, Greece

Faliraki, Greece

Fun in Faliraki! During the day, this large tourist village becomes a beach holiday destination for thousands of tourists, and at night the entire center turns into a string of clubs and bars with a rich entertainment program and loud music. But a few decades ago there was a tiny fishing village here. Faliraki is located just 13 km from the capital of the island and 10 km from the airport, so it is easy to get to all the sights from here, which more than compensates for the lack of historical monuments in the village itself.

On a 5 km coastline of 12 Blue Flag sites, the local beach is considered one of the best in Greece. See ANDYEDUCATION.COM for education and training in Greece.

How to get to Faliraki

Faliraki is 17 km from Rhodes Airport, so most travelers arrive on the island by plane. From the air gate to the resort can be reached by bus (with transfer), taxi or rented car. In addition, ferries from Athens and other cities in Greece, as well as from Turkey, regularly arrive at the Rhodes cruise port.


Public transport is represented by buses of the companies RODA and KTEL, which run around the resort, making several stops. The fare is paid at the entrance to the front door, and to exit, you need to press a button – the back one will open.

Sightseeing trains travel around Faliraki, on which you can not only get to the right place, but also listen to the history of the island.

Many hotels have bike rentals, often free of charge, so travelers often ride bikes, although there are no special conditions for this: there are no bike lanes and no parking.

A taxi ride around the city costs 5 EUR. The two most popular parking lots are located in the center of the village: next to McDonald’s and at the southern edge of the beach.

Hotels in Faliraki

The resort is full of hotels, in addition, local residents are willing to rent apartments. The village has large all-inclusive hotels located near the sea, and there are small, modest guesthouses located in the depths of Faliraki. Almost everywhere they offer car rental, transfer, breakfast, excursion program, Wi-Fi and other services. Many complexes have a swimming pool.

A double room with breakfast in a good “treshka” 10 minutes walk from the beach costs 30 EUR per day, on the first line – twice as much. A 5 * hotel by the sea will cost 200 EUR per night for two. Apartments can be rented for 50 EUR, all of them are not on the beach.


The “golden” beach of Faliraki is considered one of the best in Rhodes. It stretches for almost 5 km, its width in some places reaches 30 m. In the northern part, the beach is covered with sand with a rare admixture of pebbles, the entrance to the water is also rocky, special slippers will come in handy. Large hotels are located nearby, almost the entire coast is lined with sunbeds and umbrellas. The southern part of the coast is a spacious area with fine, golden and very soft sand, where empty areas alternate with umbrellas and sun loungers (cost 8-10 EUR per couple), and the entrance to the water is gentle and pleasant.

Faliraki also includes Mandomata, a secluded rocky bay where people sunbathe without swimwear.

Faliraki beach is clean, well-maintained and well-maintained. On the shore there are toilets – free and paid, showers, changing cabins, cafes and restaurants. Along the sea stretches a wooden path along which you can walk. There are many entertainments on the shore and in the water: boats and yachts, parachutes and bananas, as well as an inflatable complex for children with slides, which is installed in the sea. The beach is great for relaxing with kids: the sand is soft, the water is warm and clean, there are practically no strong waves.

At the very end of the bay there is a small yacht port and a cape with a small, cozy white and blue church of the Holy Apostles.

Kitchen and restaurants Faliraki

Since Faliraki is a resort village, restaurants and cafes are found at every turn. Most of them specialize in local cuisine, but there are also exotic ones – Chinese, Japanese, Indian, etc. The most popular eateries are taverns, small, often family restaurants of Greek and European cuisines. And you can have a quick bite in waffle or donut shops, as well as in cafes that sell dozens of varieties of ice cream.

Almost all restaurants are concentrated in the area of ​​tourist streets that run parallel to the sea or perpendicular to it. And if you go further away, you can find a cafe where they cook local fast food “gyros” for a symbolic 2-3 EUR.

The local cuisine is an interweaving of Greek and Turkish traditions, especially the influence of Turkey is felt in sweets: baklava, Turkish delight, etc. Among the main dishes, meat with vegetables, meze, souvlaki kebabs and, of course, moussaka are popular.. Be sure to try cheeses – sheep and goat, as well as olives and black olives that grow in the vicinity. As for drinks, they like orange juice, beer and coffee, especially frappe, which is prepared here like a smoothie: in a blender, with milk and ice.

Dinner in a restaurant with a glass of wine costs 30 EUR per person, the portions are very large, you can take one for two.

Entertainment and attractions

There are not many historical sights in Faliraki, but you will not be bored. You should definitely visit the church of St. Nektarios – one of the largest on the island (located in the center of the village on the Rodou-Lindou highway at the turn to Odos Agioy Nektarioy street). It was built in 1976 and is remembered for its beautiful paintings inside and openwork colonnade outside. To the left of the entrance there is a spiral staircase to the second floor.

From Faliraki you can walk or drive to the neighboring bays – Anthony Quinn and Ladiko – crowded, but very picturesque.

The walking path runs along very beautiful rocks, along the way you can look into the local observatory (address: Profitis Amos) – a cafe with a free exhibition about space and the opportunity to look through a telescope for 4 EUR.

Another pleasant walk is worth taking at the Kallithea Baths or Kallithea Springs (address: Leof. Kallitheas, 80). This is a bath complex of the early 20th century, built on hot springs. After the earthquake, the water stopped flowing into the baths, but the complex survived. Today, exhibitions and photo shoots are held in it, and people swim in the bay. On the way, you should look into a charming pine grove and breathe in the beneficial coniferous air.

Faliraki is the only water park on the island that does not belong to hotels. Nearby there is an aquarium (address: Leof. Kallitheas, 68) – a small complex in which small inhabitants of the sea live.

Faliraki is one of the most party resorts in Rhodes. During the day it is calm here, but by the evening the central streets are filled with people, bars, discos and strip clubs open their doors, and the fun begins. Therefore, those who want silence, it is better to settle away from the center.


The tourist season in Faliraki starts in May and lasts until October. Since the beginning of June, the water in the sea has already warmed up and is suitable for swimming even the smallest travelers. At the height of summer it can be too hot and crowded, the ideal time to travel is the second half of June and September. In winter, the resort is warm and damp, it often rains, the wind blows, life practically stops, and most establishments and hotels are closed.

Faliraki, Greece