France Slimmest Flounder: the WIKO Highway Pure 4 G in the Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The WIKO Highway pure 4 G relies completely on design and shines with its AMOLED display. The camera is usable, and the computing power is manageable. For a mid-range Smartphone this equipment complies with its everyday tasks but confidently. Best price on the Internet: 144,44 euro * per order this product at Amazon sharp display user-friendly operation sleek enclosure contra memory not expandable battery firmly installed assessment of editorial satisfying user rating now assess at first glance the WIKO Highway appears to be quite elegant and simply pure: the sleek design is tasteful, the Smartphone for its size of 14, 2 x 6, 8 cm very flat (5.1 mm) and lightweight (98 grams). The back is made of glass, the corners are made of aluminium. On the keys at the edges, all elements complete with the housing, causing the WIKO acts like a cast. In the absence of buttons on the front panel does its part. WIKO has completed all corners, yet could this highway pure somewhat more comfortable lie in the hand, as a slightly edgy feeling remains. The smooth back and provide for loss of grip. Negative firmly installed battery is also, who hides behind a non-removable back. In terms of processing, there is little to complain about. It apart but

Impressive display

The 4.8 inch AMOLED display protected by Gorilla glass 3, the highlight of the highway is pure. The screen has a pixel density of 306 ppi (1280 x 720 pixels). The image is sharp and the colours are strong. With respect to black level, contrast and viewing angle, there’s no reason for complaint. The display reflects pretty strongly in normal daylight, remains but readable. The sharpness difference to Super-AMOLED screens, which use such as Samsung’s Galaxy-S6 models, while noticeable, but the WIKO highway is also a whole corner cheaper. Pure

Facilities okay, battery small

WIKO has in the highway pure Android 4.4 kitkat as the operating system chosen. On board are of course also the connection standards Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (version 4) and Acceleration, proximity and ambient light sensors. By LTE cat 4, you can transfer with data up to a speed of 150 megabits per second, NFC but not support the device. When the battery capacity you have to accept cuts, because the very flat design the capacity is 2,000 mah little. Testing of benchmarks will eat a good amount of the battery and even simple games very charge the energy storage.

The Smartphone news 2016/2017

No processor for games

To get the Smartphone on speed, WIKO has bought him the quad core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 410, which pulses with up to 1.2 ghz. The graphics unit Adreno 306 provides for calculating support. But, the device can not convincing in the benchmark test. In the quadrant standard scores pure the highway the two and a half year old Samsung Galaxy S4. Antutu in version 5.7.1 Wikos flounder jerky is a score of sobering 21.166 points together, which is due to the weak performance of the game. The Smartphone with part 2 frames per second on a score of 2.664 stumbles through the ice-storm extreme benchmark 3dmark. The simple ice-storm model runs for an average of 20 frames per second and comes to an end result of 5.334 points. To doing everyday things such as surfing the Web or watching videos and the device. Dealt with simple games

Memory not expandable

2 gigabytes can be found In the memory of the Smartphone. The device memory includes 16 gigabytes, of which approximately free use 12 gigabytes. This size is sufficient for most users. So you have to settle for but also because the disk space you can not extend. Even the Highway provides a few slots pure and nanosim only room for one. As in the instructions from a microsim is the speech, observe this fact before you buy!

Overview: the best smartphones

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Ordinary camera

The main camera produces Sony and works with its 8 Megapixels on the paper averaged around. It shoots Wikos Smartphone but images with a surprising sharpness. Only when there is no daylight, the photos are too dark. The HDR mode, caused by the lighter photos unfortunately somewhat at the expense of image quality can help. For the sharpness of close-ups with the LED flash is dark lighting. After the snap, numerous tools that are available on board help you edit your recordings. But clearly, when compared to the equipped also with an 8-megapixel camera iphone 6 plus weakens the WIKO device. The front-facing camera 5 mega pixels and is sufficient for Selfies. You record videos in full HD. The quality of the films is satisfactory and the Smartphone without juddering and errors processed even rapid movements. See the article images for viewing and downloading, demonstrating the quality of the camera.


4 G compared with the WIKO Ridge was released about the same time, the highway is a design mobile pure 4 G. The display is indeed powerful, but the processor performance or the non-expandable memory speak especially for the Smartphone. If the sleek design that you like, there is little good reasons that pure 4 G speak WIKO Highway against also if there is a comparable equipment cheaper.