Furniture of Straw Return to the Decoration of Houses

In the old days it was very common to see straw on the seats and seat backs of dining room chairs, rocking or headboards. But after the straw left a little scene.

For the architect Adriana Victorelli, the straw is considered a classic in decoration. “For a while was restricted to Provencal decoration, but now back with chairs, armchairs and authorial design in contemporary furniture of decoration,” he says.

According to dictfurniture, the furniture of straw are still in evidence. We have several types of straw, as malacca, lana of India, banana leaf, junco, among other material.

To learn how to use them, will depend on the decoration of each location. “In cottage and beach, straw combines very well. But it can also be used in houses in the town and the result is also very good, “says.

In the opinion of Augdan, a way to let her latest and thus match it best décor, is painting or lacquering, as it gives a very interesting effect to the Cabinet. And the paint can be white, black or even a turquoise blue. Everything will depend on what is expected for decoration.

“The important thing is to have creativity and good taste. No one should be prejudiced with this type of material. You can use it in an interesting way and leaving the unusual décor”, reinforces Augdan.

He points to maintenance can be difficult. “There are people who specialize in fixing this type of product, but it is not easy to find this pro because it’s a handmade work,” says the architect.

Adriana believes it worth looking for a taxidermist or a restoration shop to retrieve a piece of the original plot. “The more contemporary designs come back without the notch and pinion of the chairs, with straighter lines joinery”, concludes.