Google and LG Launch First 4 Nexus Ads While Still Stock Problems

Listing of the Nexus 4 has become one of the worst launches of the history, after more than one month that went on sale in Google Play the fateful Tuesday, November 13 still problems with distribution, in Spain, France and Australia was on sale only few minutes that day, have not returned to replenish stock as if it’s been in the United States Canada, Germany and United Kingdom.

Despite these serious problems of distribution both LG and Google do not have problems in promoting the Nexus 4 with their first commercial video. Yesterday Google He published an emotional Christmas announcement on its new mobile where he promotes the functionality Photo Sphere of your camera.

LG instead opts to promote all the features and functionality of the Nexus 4 in a video in which people passing is the device for use. In the video we see how Photo Sphere, Google Maps Navigation, Google Now, its support to Miracast to send videos to other screens, Android Beam to share content and more features.

We hope that Google and LG already solve their problems of supply and soon put on sale around the world 4 Nexus with reasonable delivery times, although the Christmas season have already lost it and many users who wanted to buy the mobile phone have opted to buy another.