Great, Good and Cheap: 10-Inch Tablets up to 300 Euro

Just announced the ipad pro Apple a giant tablet from $ 799, which appears in the November. Google hosted an event already at the end of September and probably shows the nexus 9’s successor. Considered safe, that Microsoft soon revealed the software giant points the Surface Pro 4 on the 6 October 2015. All units are potential top tablets at top prices. There are many cheap Tablet pcs that meet the most users. Our site introduces 10 inch models, which are for less than 300 euros (stand: 18 September 2015).
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Which characteristics are missing Tablet middle class?

Resolve the installed display Tablet middle-class mostly with fewer pixels compared to the expensive upper class. The typical resolution of devices under 200 euros is 1280 x 800 pixels; with a 10.1-inch screen, this ppi gives a low pixel density of 149. Who exactly look, recognizes individual pixels easily. While surfing on the Internet that disturbs less than when watching the holiday pictures. The tablets just under 300 Euro offer mostly more sharpness: 1920 x 1200 pixels here are the rule. Fast Wi-Fi ac standard and high-definition cameras are the exception.

Middle class in the test: 10-inch tablets under 300 Euro

Xoro PAD 9719QR: cheap sharpness

Once 169 euro 9719QR Xoro PAD provides currently just (test Note: 2.42) a particularly sharp display: with 2048 x 1536 pixels the pixel density is good 263 ppi. But in the test, it turns out that reds are incorrect. The 9.7-inch display was also a weak contrast. In terms of pace of work turned out the installed processor not just as a sprinter, but he is sufficient for everyday life. The battery is better: the tablet was 16 hours and 28 minutes through.

ASUS memo pad FHD10: all aboard

Cheap upper class: with his good mark (2.22), the ASUS ranked memo pad FHD10 currently handle in the upper third of the Our site leaderboard. The processing, image quality and amenities are impeccable. The sharp display with 1920 x 1200 pixels shows content razor sharp to the touch screen responds quickly to finger tips and accurately converts. In the test, the minimal pale colour rendition and the comparatively short battery life providing point deduction. Currently, the variant with 16 gigabytes and an integrated LTE radio costs around 280 euros.

Trekstor surftab Wintron 10.1: the alternative

The only Windows Tablet in the test field (Note: 2.27) proved a nimble work unit with high endurance. A more efficient Intel processor, the atom series makes it possible. Weaknesses revealed the trekstor surftab Wintron 10.1 in image quality. Already generously dimensioned with 32 gigabyte data storage is expandable via microsd. In practice, the operating system slowed the hardware, a hakelige was the result. Remedy here perhaps an update on Windows 10. The following table provides the advantages of common Tablet operating system out.

Android, ios, Windows 8: advantages and disadvantages

Of these devices, better leave the finger

Despite good mark is not all the featured 10-inch tablets a buy recommendation. The reason: Some devices already have a few years on the hump; your software is out of date and vulnerable, the installed technology obsolete. The 10.1N a time strong ipad competitor applies to, for example, the Samsung Galaxy tab. As the successor to Galaxy tab 4 is modern and convenient 10.1.

Conclusion: 10-inch tablets under 300 Euro

With high work pace, good processing and optionally the data Turbo LTE Samsung Galaxy tab is A (Note: 2.13;) Price: from 235 euro) to the top of the middle-class tablets. The competition only marginally worse: so the Acer Iconia A3-A30 trumps (Note: 2.21;) Price: 295 euros) with clearer display on; NVIDIA’s shield-Tablet (test Note: 2.15) is aimed at gamers, you can but only if the manufacturer through its online shop for equivalent 263 euros order.
“Why 600 Euros and more spend for a new Tablet, if good Test scores already reap Equipment for Half of the Price?” Florian Schmidt, editor hardware