Guess and Martian Watches Launch Elegant Smartwatch

If Martian Watches and Guess have always made watches, one needed the other to make the connected watch. A chic partnership, which allows to see flush models of smartwatches with a more polished design for strong watches. Here’s our first grip at the MWC 2015 in Barcelona.

Connect and Control Martian Martian Monarch Guess

The Martian Monarch, is a Smart Watch with the technicality of Martian Watches, and look attributed by Guess. As a result, we get an object solid and reliable, with a small digital screen downstairs, discreet, but effective, with an indication both. We can scroll through the side buttons, to look at his appointment, discuss with Siri, take a selfie to “Camera mode” or look at its next meetings.

Martian Watches took to integrate to the watch of speech, commands through a microphone and a speaker, and the ability to manage their smartphone directly on the OLED of the watch via Bluetooth. The user will have the ability to customize how it receives its notifications as it can set the vibrator to fit each notification through the iOS and Android application. But a watch, any connected, remains first and foremost a watch. This is why it will always be possible to read the time with needles that are powered by an battery with a life of three years. As to the’ OLED display, it will take to recharge it every two to five day. Everything will depend on the frequency of use of the watch.

As for Guess Connect, Guess made watches for quite long, now he embarks on connected watch market. Guess Connect, it’s embedded technology of the Martian Watches with voice command also for also female than male models. Always with this bling-bling style including only one Guess has the secret.

After a grip on the show, the editor, we particularly appreciate these “boilerplate” models that could make think of a classic watch, but with smart technology embedded. A low however for the Martian Watches, which are smoother and more glamorous than the Guess Connect, but it is only a matter of perspective! We tell you more after the test, planned for may 2015, output for June 2015.

It’s especially my passion for the “high-tech” that decided me, I had long wanted to put up a site of news on innovation and connected objects.