Headie Headie, You Have to Meet!

When it comes to finding headwear websites around the world, you’ll find everything, but few are as beautiful and up to date as the French our site.

An online store of great hats with varied products. The French have at their disposal a website where you can find berets, caps, hats of all kinds and customizable.

Headict, like mariachapeu.com.br, started online and already has a physical store. In their case, in the region of Annecy, near Switzerland.

In the photo below you can see the front of the store at its inauguration and feel the passion of the French people for the hats.

This French Enchantment by headwear is well known and has a lot of history. Let’s remember some of the country’s artists who have launched a hat fashion.

The unforgettable Brigitte Bardot with her floppy, fedora or beach hats. These last ones, much seen with the actress, at the time in which she frequented Búzios-RJ.

Another French artist who highlighted the hat on the big screen was Alain Delon. In the movie The Samurai it is already possible to see it with an alpaca style gangster hat(photo below).

And as for Headgear, few people know, but Chanel SA, French multinational of the perfume business has emerged as a Vintage Headgear , but this is subject to another post.

Below you can enjoy a bit more of Headie Headgear with a picture of your shop inside.

Below, you can see a movie produced by the website that shows in a very good mood how Headict’s”factory” of hats works.

Movie”Factory Headicts”

France is therefore a special country when it comes to hats and headicts.com has one of its most active brands. It is worth taking a look at the website and if the reader or reader has the opportunity, personally know this Headquarters so original and tasteful!) That’s the tip.