HTC W8 # WL-New Windows Phone from HTC

Now there is finally a new Windows Phone on the way from HTC-HTC W8 # WL leaked on our site.

There is a long time since we’ve seen Windows Phone devices from HTC, who last was promoting with HTC 8S and 8 x, that was not the big hit among users.

HTC has always kept the door open for Windows Phone, and HTC’s u.s. Chief, Jason Mackenzie, has maintained that Windows Phone will remain part of the company’s plans.

Now it seems that we are soon going to see yet another alternative to the dominant Lumia-models from Nokia.

The Internet’s faithful gossip source on tech-sector, Our site have leaked the name of HTC’s upcoming Windows Phone.

About HTC W8 # WL will be the official bite-sized Word for HTC’s new unit is not known, nor is secure information about whether W8 # WL becomes a WP-version of the HTC One M8.